2010JointCoSponsor 3 by D5D29A5


									                  CME Sponsorship with organizations outside the
                         Medical College of Wisconsin
Joint Sponsorship of meetings with organizations that are not accredited to issue CME credits is
done frequently by MCW. Both the organization and MCW are listed as joint sponsors of the
meeting. MCW reserves the right to decline to jointly sponsor a meeting for CME credit. The
following are requirements of joint sponsorship:

   1. The Activity Director for the meeting must be on the MCW faculty and have active
      involvement in the meeting planning. The Activity Director must monitor the meeting
      and ensure the compliance with ACCME regulations that allow MCW to keep its
      accreditation. If the Activity Director or Joint Sponsor does not comply with these
      conditions, the meeting may not be eligible for CME credit from MCW in the future.
   2. An agreement to follow all the ACCME regulations and deadlines for submission of
      paperwork must be signed. Improperly executed grant agreements will be returned.
   3. The application fee is $500 for jointly sponsored activities. In addition the fee for
      maintaining participant credits is $25/person. The fee for commercial support agreements
      which are not on the official MCW form is 1% of the commercial support received.
   4. Applications for jointly sponsored activities must be received 90 days before the meeting.
   5. The correct application is the Activity Planning worksheet for Stand Alone activities. If
      this event is given in different sessions or is repeated, the fees will be prorated.

Co-Sponsorship. MCW is willing to consider co-sponsorship of a CME event with another
accredited organization such as a foundation or other academic institution. In the majority of
cases MCW would be the organization accrediting the activity. Per ACCME regulations one
organization must assume the responsibility in co-sponsorship situations. The names of both
organizations would be on the meeting materials. Cooperation in publicizing the meeting is
expected. MCW reserves the right to decline co-sponsorship.

        Outside accredited organizations sponsoring meetings within MCW facilities.

   1.   The MCW CME office must be notified about the event before it occurs.
   2.   There must signage by the attendance sheet that indicates the provider of CME credit for
        that event.
   3.   If the event occurs at the usual time for a regularly scheduled MCW event such as a
        Grand Rounds, it may not be called by the same name. This is an ACCME requirement.


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