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					                                          Ms. Villegas
                        Sinagua Middle School – 7 Grade Social Studies
                                           2012 - 2013
                      Course Syllabus & Classroom Management Procedures

August 13, 2012

Dear Students & Parents/Guardians:
Welcome to 7 grade Social Studies at Sinagua Middle School! My name is Ms. Villegas and I will be your
teacher. This will be my 10 year teaching, my fifth in FUSD. I am very excited to be working with you! In
this packet you will find information about my class and classroom management procedures. After you have
read the information, please fill out the bottom portion of this sheet, as well as the homework expectations
sheet on the next page, and return them to me.

There are a few very important items that I would like to bring to your attention as we begin the year. First,
students are required to bring the following items to class daily:

         1. An agenda/planner
         2. A composition book (for Social Studies ONLY)
         3. A double pocket folder (for Social Studies ONLY)
         4. A pencil
         5. Lined paper
         6. Completed homework

Next, students are expected to complete homework in their composition book daily. All homework will be
due and collected on Fridays. Parents, please check your student’s agenda daily and sign the agenda each
Friday. In addition, I will post daily assignments on my FUSD webpage at:


Finally, due to the reduction in funds for classroom supplies, I am asking students to contribute items to the
class especially copy paper, lined paper and construction paper. A supply list can be found on page 5 of this
packet. If you have any questions or if you would like to visit or volunteer in my class, please feel free to
contact me at (928) 527-5500 or at vvillegas@fusd1.org. I look forward to an excellent year and have no
doubt that all of my students will be successful!


Veronica Villegas
(Please fill out and sign this portion and have your student return it.)

I have read and understand the information given to my student and me regarding Ms. Villegas’s course and
classroom management procedures.

Student Name: _______________________________________________________________

Student Signature: ________________________________________________Date: ________

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _____________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _______________ Cell Phone: ______________ Work Phone: _______________
                                         Ms. Villegas
                       Sinagua Middle School – 7 Grade Social Studies
                                          2012 - 2013
                     Course Syllabus & Classroom Management Procedures

6 Grade Social Studies - Course Description

This course focuses on the learning and mastery of Arizona state standards performance objectives with an
emphasis in Geography & American History from the Civil War through the Great Depression. Students will:
develop research skills for history; analyze and describe the factors, events and leaders of the American
Civil War and Reconstruction; study and describe the impact of the Industrial Revolution and imperialism on
the world; study the emergence of the modern United States; analyze the factors and events of the Great
Depression; describe the beginning of U.S. involvement in World War II; review and discuss current national
and world events; study civics and government; study geography and study economics. Students will be
expected to complete daily in-class and homework assignments, as well as essays and long-term research
projects. In addition, students will be taking a 7 grade social studies common assessment. This will be
taken at the beginning of the year and again at the end of the year to measure student learning.

Supply List

1. A student agenda/daily planner (First 1 provided by the school)

2. Composition books (Students will probably need 3-4 for the year)

3. Double-pocket folders (Students will probably need 2-3 for the year)

4. A pencil (Students will probably need 3-4 packs for the year)

5. Lined paper (Students will probably need 4-5 packs for the year)

6. I am asking all students to contribute 1 ream or packet (500 sheets – 8.5”x11”) of white copy paper

*In addition, students will need the following items in order to complete assignments throughout the year:

7. Glue or glue sticks

8. Markers

9. Colored Pencils

10. Highlighters

11. Construction paper (Large sheets approx. 12”x18”, any color, available at Michael’s)

We would appreciate any school supplies you can donate including: extra lined paper, extra copy paper,
construction paper, binders, folders, pencils, spiral notebooks, pencils, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, glue,
crayons, colored pencils or markers, tape.

Please let me know if you need help purchasing supplies. Students must bring the required
materials to class daily. Thank You!

Classroom Rules, Expectations & Responsibilities

***Remember ALL Rules & Procedures can be summed up in these 4 words (our class motto):

                           BE NICE – WORK HARD!!!!
                                          Ms. Villegas
                        Sinagua Middle School – 7 Grade Social Studies
                                           2012 - 2013
                      Course Syllabus & Classroom Management Procedures
Classroom Rules

1. BE RESPECTFUL – This will always be our #1 Rule. Students will always treat the teacher and all other
students will respect and dignity through their words and actions. Students will respect the teacher’s right to
teach and the students’ right to learn.

2. Be Prepared – Students will bring all required materials to class daily and be ready to give their best

3. Be On Time – Students will be in their assigned seat when the bell rings.

4. Raise Your Hand –Students will raise their hand to be acknowledged if they wish to speak or ask
questions. Students will listen and not talk when others are talking.

5. Listen To And Follow Instructions the First Time They Are Given

Classroom Procedures

1. Students will enter the class and sit quietly.

2. Students will write the daily homework assignments in their agendas and begin bell work immediately.

3. Students will remain in their seats until the teacher excuses them during class and when the bell rings.
Students will raise their hands to get permission to leave their seat during class.

4. Students will “Give Me 5” when asked.

         1.   Stop what you are doing.
         2.   Be quiet
         3.   Find your seat
         4.   Look at the teacher
         5.   Listen to and follow instructions

5. Students will clean up after themselves and be respectful to our learning environment.

Teacher Responsibilities

1. To treat each student with respect and dignity
2. To provide an orderly classroom
3. To provide the necessary discipline
4. To provide the necessary motivation
5. To teach the required content

Student Responsibilities

1. To treat other students and the teacher with respect and dignity
2. To attend class regularly
3. To be cooperative and not disruptive
4. To study and do all of your work (Success=Effort)
5. To learn and master the required content

Additional Classroom Expectations

1. Seating – Students will be assigned to a specific seat. Only the teacher may move your assigned seat.
                                         Ms. Villegas
                       Sinagua Middle School – 7 Grade Social Studies
                                          2012 - 2013
                     Course Syllabus & Classroom Management Procedures
2. Tardiness – Students will be tardy if they are not in their assigned seat when class begins. Tardy
students must stop to sign in and fill out an admit slip when they enter class. Tardy students will be assigned

3. Attendance and Make-up Assignments – Students are expected to attend class daily according to
state, district and school policies. If a student is absent for 3 or more consecutive days, he or she will be
referred to the administration. If students are absent they are required to complete all make-up (missing)
assignments. Students will be allowed as many days to complete the make-up work as they were absent
(i.e. If a student is absent 3 days, he or she will have 3 days to complete the make-up work).

4. Folder, Notebook & Agenda Requirements - Students are required to bring their folders, composition
books and agendas (planners) to class daily. Students are required to write the homework assignments in
their agendas daily and have their parent or guardian check their agendas daily. In addition, parents must
sign agendas/planners every Friday.

5. In Class & Homework Assignments AND Late Work - Students will be required to complete all daily in-
class and homework assignments. All homework assignments must be completed before the student comes
to class or the student will be assigned ETL. Students must complete their missing homework in ETL.
Failure to successfully complete all assignments will result in fewer overall points and a lower grade.
Students will have up to 5 days to turn in late assignments. After 5 days, late work will not be accepted. In
addition, students will lose 10% per day on each late assignment.

6. Quizzes, Reviews & Tests – Students will be required to complete unit quizzes, reviews and tests. All
reviews must be signed by a parent or guardian prior to each test. Failure to successfully complete all
quizzes, reviews and tests will result in fewer overall points and a lower percentage grade.

7. Curriculum & Daily Performance Objectives – Classroom curriculum (what the students are taught)
follows Arizona state and FUSD standards requirements, which can be found at www.fusd1.org. Daily
lessons will be designed to meet performance objectives (P.O.’s), which will be posted daily on the Objective
Posters in the classroom.

8. Bell Work – After students enter and sit quietly and copy the daily homework assignments into their
agendas, they will begin the Bell Work assignment listed on the board. These are short assignments
designed to review the previous day’s lesson, homework or performance objectives. The Bell Work will be
graded and included in the students’ overall class grade.

9. Grades – The following grading scale will be used for all assignments in my class:
        90-100%           =        A
        80-89%            =        B
        70-79%            =        C
        60-69%            =        D
        59% & Below       =        F

In addition, we will be using the Genesis grading program. Assignments will be weighted. Practice
assignments (homework, class work, quizzes) will be worth 20% of the student grades; Performance
assignments (papers/essays, projects, presentations/demonstrations) will be worth 50% of student grades;
Measurement Assignments (tests) will be worth 30% of student grades.

I do not grade on a curve. Students earn their grades; I do not give them. Students may visit me any
day before or after school to review their grades or to get a copy of their progress report. In addition,
you may track student grades and progress through Genesis online.

10. No sodas, energy drinks, candy or gum will be allowed (except in the event of a classroom

11. Students will be expected to use the bathroom and drinking fountain before entering the
classroom in the morning and after lunch.

12. Computers – Students are not allowed to touch or be on classroom computers without permission.
                                              Ms. Villegas
                            Sinagua Middle School – 7 Grade Social Studies
                                               2012 - 2013
                          Course Syllabus & Classroom Management Procedures

Students who are not in dress code (including their lanyard and ID), tardy, or not prepared and do
not bring their required materials to class (agenda/planner, spiral notebook, folder, homework, etc)
will be assigned to ETL after school.

Discipline Procedures

All students have the right to due process. We will be following state, FUSD and school procedures.

Step 1 – Review of Classroom Rules & Procedures

The teacher and students will review classroom rules and procedures throughout the year. Parents will also
be given a copy of the classroom rules and procedures to review and keep. Students will be acknowledged
when they follow the rules and procedures.
Step 2 – 1 Occurrence/Disruption – Redirection

If the student does not follow the rules and procedures, the teacher will redirect the student through verbal
and nonverbal cues and review the rules and procedures with the student.
Step 3 – 2        Occurrence/Disruption – Responsible Thinking Intervention (RTI)

If the student continues to not follow rules and procedures, the teacher and student will have a conference
and quietly discuss the inappropriate behavior(s). The teacher and student will review the correct

Step 4 – Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC)

If the student continues to not follow rules and procedures, the student will be sent to the RTC. There, the
student will complete a RTC Plan. The student may return to class when they complete the plan. When the
student returns to class, the teacher and student will review the plan and negotiate. If the negotiation is
successful, the student will be allowed to remain in class. The student’s parent/guardian will be

Step 5 – Administrative Referral

If the student continues to not follow rules and procedures or if the student does not cooperate in the RTC,
he or she will be given a Discipline Referral to the Principal. The student’s parent/guardian will be

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