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									True Source Control: GreenPro helps consumers and agencies reduce pesticides in
runoff by obtaining bona fide Integrated Pest Management services.

Andrew Architect and Bob Rosenberg, National Pest Management Association

Applications of insecticides around structures have been linked to toxicity in urban
streams, which causes compliance issues for many stormwater agencies. Anticipating
the need to proactively address this, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
has created GreenPro, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) certification for
companies providing structural pest services. GreenPro was developed in consultation
with a number of non-profit organizations (including CASQA). This voluntary certification
program helps consumers identify and contract for integrated pest management
services that go above and beyond government-mandated pesticide use regulations in
protecting water quality, while achieving effective pest control.

It can be extremely difficult for consumers to navigate the maze of companies that
make claims of green services. Through a set of comprehensive standards, NPMA
ensures that pest management companies must take an integrated approach when
providing GreenPro services. This means that prior to an application, GreenPro
providers will partner with customers to develop a site-specific plan to reduce and
prevent infestations by eliminating the source of the problem. Pest professionals will
make recommendations to “pest proof” structures and take steps to eliminate the
sources of food, water and shelter that pests need to survive.

To uphold the integrity of the program and ensure credibility, NPMA conducts yearly
compliance audits of all GreenPro companies. An oversight committee of educators,
government representatives, industry leaders and environmental advocacy groups
closely monitor the program and make recommendations to improve practices as
necessary. In addition, employees of GreenPro companies must complete higher level
training, education and successfully pass an exam before providing services.

Through this unique program, NPMA has set a clear path forward for identifying and
selecting companies that take necessary precautions and reduce negative impact to
runoff, which in turn improve stormwater quality.

Contracting for GreenPro IPM services is a mechanism to help stormwater agencies
comply, if they have stormwater permit requirements for implementing in-house IPM as
part of their municipal operations. In addition, stormwater agencies can help their
constituents reduce pesticide use in and around their homes by encouraging them to
contract for GreenPro IPM services.

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