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“Music is not developed solely by inspiration and fits of genius. Success comes in music like success
comes in every other human endeavor by hard work, by discipline, over a long period of time.”

August 2012

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to a new year of band at SOA! To the new parents and students, WELCOME
to the family! I am very excited and happy to be your band director. Together we will
strive to constantly find the joy and challenge of performing great music. The School of
the Arts Middle School Band has a wonderful reputation in our county, state, and nation
as one of the most outstanding band programs in our public schools.

Success does not happen overnight. A successful band program takes commitment on the
part of the students, parents, and band director. Building a band that will represent the
best of the school and community requires hard work, discipline, character, and
dedication to excellence. In the effort to achieve excellence, the school has an ARTISTIC
PROBATION POLICY for all of the arts areas.

    All students in the 8th through 12th grades must maintain an average of 85 or
     better in their major area to continue enrollment at SOA. Those students that
     fall below 85 will be placed on “Artistic Probation” and those students who fail
     to improve will be required to re-audition for The School of the Arts.

The students at SOA are fantastic young musicians, and I thank you for entrusting them
to me for their musical formation. These amazing young musicians must have your
support in every way. Parents, guide your children. Please make sure that they are
diligent with their work in all of the classes they are taking at the School of the Arts.
Consider becoming an active participant in the Middle School Band Booster
Organization. The SOA MS BB organization is a driving force to help fill in the
financial gap from the school district. It takes a lot of money to run such a successful
band program and with the boosters we are able to compete on a national level.

This handbook contains policies and guidelines concerning many of the middle school
band’s functions. This handbook also contains our event and rehearsal calendar for the
entire year! Please refer to it often. For your convenience it is located on the web at Look for Handbook in the drop down menu under “MS Band”.
I have BIG plans for this year. I am looking forward to our best year yet!


Suzanne K. Reed
Band Director
                    Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this handbook is to acquaint students and parents with the many
opportunities that await band members this year. It also provides valuable contact
information, as well as clear expectations for band students. We welcome you to the
2012-2013 year of band at School of the Arts Middle School. With your commitment and
hard work, this will be the BEST year the School of the Arts Middle School Band has
ever had. The success of the band is dependent upon the success and commitment of
each individual student. To be successful, each student must make the best of every
opportunity to grow mentally, emotionally, socially, and musically. Each student will
receive support from the SOA Middle School Band and its Booster Club to help them
achieve success.
                       Table of Contents
Band Program Objectives…………………………………………………………….. 5
Band Descriptions..………………………………………………………………….... 6
Grading Policy….……………….………………………………..…………………… 7
MS Band Rules…………………………….…...…………………............................... 8
MS Band Behavioral Consequences………………………………………………….. 8
Supply List……………………………………………………………………………9, 10
Instruments…………………………………………………………………………… 11
How to Practice………………………………………………………………………. 11
Private Lessons………………………………………………………………..……… 12
Performance Preparation and Expectations ………...……………………………....... 13
Appearance and Band Uniforms……………………………………………………… 14
Performance Etiquette………………………………………………………………… 15
Conduct Expectations………………………………………………………………… 16
Performance and Competition Opportunities……………………………………....17, 18
Audition Process and Tips to Be Successful ………………………………………… 19
Band Boosters Club and Parent Expectations………………………………………… 20
Booster Roster and Contact Information……………………………………………….21
Money Matters: Annual Fee, Instrument Fee, Unpaid Fees and Fundraising…….. 22, 23
Calendar…………………………………………………………………………...                                    24, 25
Student and Parent Handbook Receipt Form……………………………………… 26
Student Instrument Information……………………………………………………. 27

                     Band Program Objectives
The 6th grade students will be learning basic music theory, and fundamentals such as:

       Tone production
       Proper technique
       Instrument maintenance
       Intonation
       Seven major scales
       Basic music theory

The 7th and 8th grade students will continue to learn:

       Advanced theory
       Improved tone production
       Twelve Major scales
       Refined intonation skills
       Improved ensemble playing through performance of quality band, ensemble, and solo

Students are asked to practice a minimum of 30 minutes every day. The only way to improve
musical skills is through daily practice!

                                                                                            Band Objectives and Description

                             Band Descriptions
6th grade Band - This group will be featured for their “First Concert Performance” within the
first month of school. This band will also perform at the Holiday Concert and may perform as a
group at Concert Festival. Individual members of this group are welcome to audition for the
Charleston All-County and Regional Bands. While few 6th graders qualify for these bands, it is a
very good opportunity to “experience” the audition process. All students will be required to
participate in the Solo & Ensemble festival in May.

 7th grade Band - This group will perform at Concert Festival in the spring and might perform at
one concert that may require an overnight trip and any events that are not currently scheduled but
where a large group is requested.

8th grade Band - This is our most advanced grade level group, the showcase group of the School
of the Arts Middle School Band Program. This class will be the musical group for “Art Smart”
which occurs at the end of October each year. Students in this band class are required to
maintain a minimum grade of 85 each nine-week grading period. Those students who do not
maintain the grade of 85 or better will be required to re-audition for attendance.

SOA MS WIND ENSEMBLE – This is our premiere performing ensemble. This band is
comprised of all 7th & 8th grade band students. This ensemble will meet as a class every other
day (B days) and will be strictly performance based. This ensemble be ready to perform at

The Concert Band –

   1. This band consists of the 6th & 7th grade bands in the spring.
   2. In the spring, this band may participate in the SCBDA Concert Band Festival.

The Jazz Band-

   1. The Jazz band only exists during the last 9 weeks of the school year
   2. This ensemble meets exclusively after school.
   3. Membership is open to all band students 6-8
    SOA Middle School Band Grading Policy

              Item A        Item B                Item C              Item D
        SMART MUSIC TESTS                    Classroom Grade PERFORMANCES
        Practice @ home PLAYING              On-time            Professionalism
                                             Prepared, attitude grade
                           Written           Materials
        20%                20%               20%               40%

The above grading policy is subject to change each nine weeks. Every student in the SOA MS
Band Program is expected to give 100% everyday.

     Smart Music is a computer program for at home practice. Smart Music is the equivalent
        of a homework grade in academic classes.
     Playing tests occur during class. Examples:
     Announced in advance
     Pop or “Surprise” tests
 The following occurrences have a negative effect on a student’s classroom grade grade.
     Tardy – This will also result in a referral to the Assistant Principal
    Not bringing an instrument = N/I
    NOT having a good reed = N/R
    Not having your own books / music/ BINDER = N/B
    Not having a pencil = N/P
    Non co-operative attitude = 0 (First time and every time)
    Upon the third occurrence of these, the result is a grade of zero = 0
    Every occurrence after the third, will also result in a grade of zero = 0
The grade will reset with the beginning of each nine-week grading period.
The following items are considered in the Professionalism Grade
    Attendance at all rehearsals
    Attendance at All performances
    Preparation & personal musicianship
                                                                                              Grading Policy

    Attitude

                 SOA MS BAND
               RULES OF BAND








                                           Band Commandments

                     SOA MS Band Supply List
All Students

      $200 Band Fee (Checks payable to SOAMSBB)
      Key Lock for Band Locker (Bring both keys to Mrs. Reed on first day of school.)
      Cleaning kit (instrument specific)
      Smart Music microphone
      2-4 pencils
      1 - 1” Black Binder
      10- clear plastic sheet protectors
      Music Stand (for home practice)

Additional supplies required by grade level

6th grade**Approved instrument ** (Student must have completed mouth piece placement test)

    Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 (for your instrument)
    Master Theory Book 1

7th Grade
      Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 –(for your instrument)
      Foundations for Superior Performance
      Bach and Before (for your instrument)
      Master Theory Book 2
      Smart Music microphone (check to ensure it is working)
      1 reed case (reed instruments only)
      1 box reeds (single-reed instruments only)
      2 extra reeds (double-reed instruments only)
      Tuner

8th Grade

      Foundations for Superior Performance
      Bach and Before (for your instrument)
      Master Theory Book 3
      Smart Music microphone (check to ensure it is working)
      1 box reeds (single-reed instruments only)
                                                                                             Band Supplies

      2 extra reeds (double-reed instruments only)
      1 reed case (reed instruments only)
      Tuner

All Percussionists

      Stick Bag
      1 pair of 7A Concert Snare Sticks
      1 pair of T1 General Timpani Mallets
      1 pair of hard mallets for Xylophone
      1 pair of M2 yarn mallets for Marimba
      Pitch Pipe

                                               Band Supplies

                        Instrument Rental & Repair
The following stores are recommended for instrument rental:

Instrument Doc             Mt. Pleasant    502 Wando Park Blvd Suite 106   278-9239 Call First!
Mt. Pleasant Music         Mt. Pleasant    217 Lucas St. Suite M           849-1004
Pecknel Music Co.          W. Ashley       1660 Sam Rittenberg             766-7660
Music and Arts Center      W. Ashley-      975 Savannah Hwy                852-0900

                        School Owned Instruments
There is a $50 annual ($25 per semester) fee for students using school-owned instruments.
Students using school-owned instruments are held responsible for the maintenance and repair of
that equipment. Students are also held liable for instruments damaged through abuse, neglect, or
horseplay. Reports card will be held until school owned instruments have been returned in
the same or better condition as when assigned to that student.

                                  How to Practice
1. 5 minutes - Long tones, Lip Slurs, Scales, Rudiments

2. 15 minutes - Test Items/Method Book Assignments

3. 5-10 minutes - Fun Stuff

4. 5 minutes - Cool Down


                                 Private Lessons
As one might expect, private lessons on a musical instrument are the best way to enhance
performance skills. The one-on-one approach allows the student to benefit from individual
attention as opposed to a teacher monitoring a large class. A recent survey of students in the
South Carolina All-State Band revealed that 80% of the students in the band studied privately.
Simply put, private lessons work! At School of the Arts, we strongly encourage parents to
consider private lessons for their young musicians.

                      Private Lessons by Instrument
This is a list of instructors that some of our students take private lessons from.
 Flute-                     John Samuel Roper       612-226-5354
                            Joyce Moon              843-875-5594
                            Tacy Edward             843-849-1553
                            Ryan Moon               843-709-7771
 Oboe                       Mark Gainer             843-729-1433

                          Liz Tomorski-Knott       843-442-9511
 Clarinet-                Gretchen Roper           412-606-8669
                          Sarah Wegener            248-330-9468
 Saxophone-               Jason Ballack            843-737-2164
                          Steve Cordiero           843-763-8846
 Bassoon-                 Cathy Shuh
 Trumpet-                 Todd Jenkins             803-439-8762
 French Horn-             Debra Sherrill           822-4574
 Trombone/                Ken Foberg               719-238-7380
 Euphonium/ Tuba
                          Gretchen Bowles          843-406-9112
 Percussion-              Michael Haldeman         336-707-8378
                          Matt Masie               843-324-1718

I highly recommend that lessons be taken. Any extra instruction will only improve our students
and make them more successful and better at their instrument. There are other private instructors
in this area. The teachers on this list have been vetted by your band director, and are considered
“approved”. If you wish to take lessons from a teacher not on this list, please notify Mrs. Reed.
                                                                                                     Private Lessons

    Performance Preparation and Expectations
                 Band Rehearsals and Performances
Concert Band and Wind Ensemble Rehearsals will be held on campus at School of the Arts.
Adequate notification will be given so transportation can be arranged. Band members are
required to attend ALL rehearsals and to participate in a functional way at all performances. This
is part of the performance grade. Missing a rehearsal or performance will result in a grade of
Zero (0).

Band members are expected to be prompt to all rehearsals and performances. On time is late.
Early is on time. There are no excuses acceptable, short of a major catastrophe or death in
the family, for missing a major performance. All concerts and any other performance events
are considered major performance events. Missing a major performance event without a valid,
acceptable reason will have a significant impact on the grade for that quarter in band. Band
members are expected to be present for rehearsal if they are present for school. Please arrange
other important appointments around the rehearsal schedule.

When an absence is anticipated, the director must be notified in writing in advance of the date.
Every effort should be made to make medical appointments at times not in conflict with the band
rehearsal schedule as the absence of one band member affects the entire group. Unexcused
tardiness will result in disciplinary action.

                                                                                                     Conduct Expectations

                              Personal Appearance
Band members will be well groomed at all times when they appear in any uniformed band
function (shirts tucked in, hair combed, good shoes, etc.). Students are to remain in full uniform
until the director instructs the band otherwise. Parents, please help supervise this at concerts.

                                   Band Uniforms
All band members are expected to wear the band uniform approved by the Band Booster Board.
Students out of uniform WILL NOT PERFORM at concerts at school or other venues. This
will result in a grade of Zero (0)

Casual uniform
        Band Polo shirt
        Black long pants, no jeans

Formal uniform
          Boys uniform is a full tuxedo with red bow tie and red cummerbund
          Girls uniform is the middle school band uniform black dress with red sash

All students will need all-black socks or hose, and black shoes for the formal uniform.

                                                                                                     Conduct Expectations

                        Performance Etiquette
   Always arrive on time for warm-up with your instrument, music, and all necessary
    equipment. Percussionists should always be early to make sure all equipment is set-up
   The final preparations set the tone for the performance itself. Strive to focus your
    attention on the final instructions being given.
   Approach the stage/performance area quietly. You are performing when the audience
    sees and/or hears you. No audience deserves impolite performers approaching the stage.
    You only get one chance to make a first impression.
   Once on stage, be aware that you are being watched. Look proud, sit tall, and be glad you
    are there. Focus your attention on the podium so you don’t miss an instruction or cue.
   While performing, be sure to do nothing that would distract the audience such as waving
    or talking to someone in the ensemble or audience. If something unusual happens, keep
    your attention focused on the director and the performance. REMEMBER, the audience
    will follow your eyes.
   Upon completion of your performance, follow previously given instructions, such as
    standing in unison with the ensemble to show courteous appreciation for the audience’s
    applause and leaving the stage in an orderly manner.
   After your portion of the performance is over, or any time you are in the audience,
    remember to respond, as you would like an audience to show respect for your efforts and
    accomplishment while performing. APPROPRIATE applause is expected.
   Hats and other forms of dress that are distracting should not be brought into a
   Never move around while others are performing. Only in EMERGENCIES should you
    leave or enter the performance area and only BETWEEN SELECTIONS while the
    audience is applauding. Remember, when you move around, you take attention away
    from the performers on stage.
   Always be courteous to others. The memory of a fine performance can be ruined by just
    one inappropriate, unthinking action.

                                                                                                Conduct Expectations

                              Conduct Expectations
Because of the nature of the organization, band discipline must be strict! Band students and
parents must believe in the ideals, principles, and rules of the organization. Each member must
always be aware of good behavior and think for himself. Any misconduct casts a bad light on
the school, community, and band program. Any member who casts discredit on the organization
by his/her conduct or actions in band, in another class, or on a trip may face discipline within the
program, including the possibility of dismissal from band field trips and any out-of-town trips.
This decision will be at the director's discretion. Severely improper conduct shall be grounds for
immediate disciplinary action, which may include dismissal from the School of the Arts Middle
School Band Program. Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to: committing a
theft or taking any type of drug (including alcohol and tobacco) while on a band trip. BAND
TRIPS ARE NOT DATING EVENTS. Public displays of affection (including holding hands)
are not appropriate.

Theft and vandalism are cause for immediate disciplinary action, which may include dismissal
from band and possible suspension from school. Damages or loss will be the sole responsibility
of the thief or vandal. This includes but is not limited to school-owned property. Students are
subject to the rules of the school and Charleston County School District Policies. Students
should never leave their instruments unattended at school, on the bus, at the bus stop, or any
other place where they could be vandalized.

                                                                                                       Conduct Expectations

                               Band Competitions
Concert Festival (Late March) – The Wind Ensemble and possibly Concert Band (6th &th gr.
Bands) perform at this event. This is an event where bands are evaluated based on their live
performance of prepared music and sight-reading. The South Carolina Band Director’s
Association ( ) sponsors Concert Festival and attendance is required for
all students who are members of a participating band. Transportation and fees are provided by
the Band Boosters.

Out-of-Town Band Competition - In the spring of each year, the band may participate in an out-
of-town competition.

                  Regional Individual Opportunities
There are several honor band opportunities available to students through audition. These include
All-County Band, Region-Band, and All State Band. The audition process is similar for all three.
All 7th &8th grade band students are required to participate in these auditions. Failure to
audition will result in a grade of zero (0). More information is available online at

Students are expected to participate in these events if they achieve membership. If a student
auditions and becomes a member of the County, Region, or State Band, he/she must fulfill the
obligations of membership in that honor band. Failure to do so will eliminate the student’s
ability to participate in the following year’s event, even if he/she changes schools.

All-County Band – Mandatory for Festival Band Students, other 6th graders are welcome to
audition. (Auditions take place in early December, and Clinic and Performance in early January)
The Charleston All-County Band is a group of students selected from all band students in
Charleston County. The selection is done through audition to be held at Cario Middle School.
The band booster club is responsible for entry fees, but students are responsible for their own
meal and transportation expenses to the audition and to the event. The clinic involves an all-day
Friday and Saturday rehearsal at a local school. The event culminates in a concert given on
Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. The rehearsal and concert will be at a local school.
Participation is an honor and a responsibility.
                                                                                                    Band Competition

Region Band – Mandatory for Festival Band Students, participation by other 6th graders is
voluntary. (Auditions are in January at Summerville High, and Clinic and Performance at
Wando High School). The Region Band is a group of students from southern South Carolina,
selected by auditions held at Summerville High. The band booster club is responsible for entry
fees, but students are responsible for their own meal expenses and transportation to the audition
and to the event. The event involves an all-day Friday and Saturday morning rehearsal at West
Ashley High School. The event culminates in a concert on Saturday afternoon. Participation is
an honor and a responsibility

All-State Band – (Auditions in January with the concert in March) Audition by invitation
depending on standing in Region Auditions. The All-State Band is a group of students from all
over South Carolina, selected by audition at Lexington High School. The event requires the
student to miss one Friday of classes and stay three nights at the event location. If selected to
All-State, students are responsible for their own meals, lodging, and travel expenses. The event
culminates in a concert on Sunday afternoon at Furman University that is open to the public.
Participation is an honor and a responsibility. This is the highest honor band a student can reach
in the State of South Carolina.

Solo & Ensemble - (May) ALL STUDENTS/ Mandatory for Festival Band Students. The Solo
& Ensemble event is a regional opportunity where students may play solos and/or ensembles for
ratings and to earn medals. Solos published with a written accompaniment MUST be
accompanied. Band booster club is responsible for entry fees. Students are responsible for their
own transportation and accompanist. A list of suggested music is available at More information will be
distributed in the second semester.

                                                                                                     Audition Tips

                         Audition Process and Tips
The Band Director’s Association guidelines for regional and state competitions may be found at

Students auditioning for All-County, All-Region, and All-State bands will be evaluated by
following criteria:

      Scales: Students will have 2:00 minutes to play all of the required scales. Scales are to
       be played from memory in any order. The order is to be listed on the audition ticket. A
       scale evaluation sheet will be used by all judges. If the student misses a scale, he/she has
       the opportunity to go back and correct it. Most band directors would suggest that if you
       make a mistake, do not linger on it. Move on to the next scale. When you have finished
       all of your scales correctly and if there is enough time left, the judge will announce those
       scales for which full credit has not been given. You can go back and correct any missed
       scales, as long as it is within the 2:00 time frame.
      Terms: Terms are usually presented on a card and the student must give the correct
       definition of the term.
      Chromatic Scale- The key to the chromatic scale is playing it even. Take your time.
       Playing it very fast will not gain you extra points.
      Etude: The etude is a solo that everyone prepares. It is the same for each instrument (all
       flutes play the same solo, all clarinets play the same solo, etc.). Judges listen for the
       following things: tone quality, range within the audition requirements for each particular
       instrument and grade of student, technical proficiency, typical styling, contrasting styles,
       tempos, and articulations, different styles of phrasing, and the student’s overall talent.
      Sight-Reading: Sight-reading is when the student is given a short piece of music to look
       at and then play to the best of their ability. The music is something that the student has
       never seen before.
      Tone: Tone is beauty, control knowledge of characteristic sound, and the ability to use
       this knowledge to maximum effectiveness.

                              Tips to Be Successful
      Practice, practice, practice! Nothing comes easy, but practicing makes thing easier!
      Get to the audition EARLY. You want to make sure that you have enough time to get
       there, find your judge room or rooms, warm up, and check in at your judge’s room.
       Sometimes there are no-shows and you can go earlier. My recommendation is that you
       arrive at least one hour before your scheduled audition time.
      Try to RELAX. This may sound hard to do at an audition, but try. When you relax, you
       feel more comfortable and you will play better when you are relaxed.
      Get your easy points! YOU are in charge of scales, the chromatic scale, and your terms.
                                                                                                      Audition Tips

       Playing the scales correctly and knowing your terms can give you the maximum amount
       of points in those categories before you even play your etude or sight-reading piece.

                           Band Boosters Club
Throughout the school year, your child will participate in a number of performances and
activities. Depending upon the event, there will be various needs for parental involvement and
an opportunity for you to demonstrate your direct support of your child and the band.

Examples of ways you can help
      Making phone calls
      Field-trip chaperone
      Assisting with food and beverage provisions
      Sign up to arrive either 20 min early to help with concert set up; OR sign up to stay 15
       minutes later to help with “tear down”
      Specific requests made in preparation for each event.

                               Parent Expectations
      To become active in the band booster organization.
      To see that the policies in the handbook are followed.
      To see that your child is in attendance at all band functions
      To MAKE SURE your child practices!

Other ways parents can help
      Show an interest in the music study of your child.
      Arrange a regular time (appointment) for him/her to practice.
      Find a quiet place where he/she can practice without interruptions. (Provide a straight-
       backed chair, a music stand, and a metronome if possible.)
      Keep the instrument in good repair with needed supplies in the case. (Woodwinds - at
       least three reeds!)
      Be very careful with school-owned instruments. Repair costs are high!
      Teach the importance of being prepared and on time for rehearsals, performances,
       classes, and lessons.
      Make faithful attendance at all band activities a priority. (Children tend to value what
       adults value by example.)
      Encourage him/her to play for others when opportunities arise in the home, church,
       school, and community.
      Provide private instruction with the best possible specialist in our area.
      See that he/she takes the instrument and materials to school every day and brings them
       home every day. (Exception: some larger instruments must remain at school).
      Discuss with the band director anything that might help them to understand your child.
                                                                                                  Band Booster Club

      Keep the Handbook
      Notify Mrs. Reed if your student is to be absent from rehearsals.
      See that he/she keeps up with academic studies.
      Visit rehearsals occasionally.
      Attend booster meetings, concerts, recitals and any other activities.

    The Middle School Band Booster (MSBB)
Who are the MSBBs? YOU ARE! Every parent and every child in the middle school band are a
part of the MSBBs! The following list is the contact information for MSBB board. Please feel to
contact anyone on the list if you have questions!

Suzanne K. Reed, Band Director 529-4990

Anna Kerr, President 327-5220

Lisa DeLoach, Vice-President/Communications 478-2455

Adina Garner, Secretary 532-9201

Trae Brown, Treasurer 834-4296

Katie Brown, Fundraising

Lorna Hattler, Fundraising

Ginny Dubose, Uniform Coordinator

Polly Andrews, Trip Coordinator

Christen Hall, Volunteer Coordinator 224-0227

Leah King, Event Coordinator

Wendy Molony, Event Coordinator

Stephen Carnie Equipment Transportation

Rhonda Long, Webmaster

Parent Band Mentor

Snack/Picnic Coordinator
                                                                                                  MS BB

                               Money Matters
Annual Band Fee--$200/student
Payment of Fees

For each middle school band student, there is an annual fee of $200. This fee covers many of the
necessary expenses in running a band of excellence. The fee is expected to be paid either in one
payment at the beginning of the school year or in four installments of $50 each. If you choose to
make four payments, the first installment is due by 15 Aug; the second installment is due by
15 Sept; the third installment is due by 15 Oct; and the final installment is due by 18 Nov.

Fees should be paid by check with your child’s name clearly written in the memo section.
Checks should be made payable to SOA MSBB and mailed directly to our Treasurer, Trae
Brown at the following address:

                                          SOA MSBB
                                        c/o Trae Brown
                                   214 White Oleander Court
                                     Charleston, SC 29414

Should a student withdraw from SOA prior to the first 60 days of school; a partial refund will be
granted. Students who qualify for Free lunch may have their fee waived. Please contact Mrs.
Reed concerning the fee.

What the Fee Covers

This fee covers cost for items such as sheet music, field trips, county, state and regional
competitions, the solo and ensemble competition, t-shirts, school supplies, bus transportation as
needed, venue rentals for concerts, Smart Music for each student, clinicians, and any other
required expenses. Most importantly, the fee is structured to provide the support necessary to
allow your child to train and perform in the tradition of excellence expected at the School of the
Arts. The $200 fee is less than what is needed to fully fund all activities and projects for the

Most of the cost of running a quality band program is unfortunately not covered by the county or
school budget. As with all aspects of school budgets, the basic needs and desires exceed the
provided resources. Band booster activities are designed to raise money to provide operational
capital and promote the band in the community. Only if parents and friends support the school
program and band booster activities, will the band have the optimal conditions to become a
consistently superior group.
                                                                                                     MS BB

                          Instrument Fee--$50/year
For students using school-owned instruments, an additional fee of $50/year is required for rental.
This fee can be paid in full or in two payments at the beginning of each semester. It is expected
that routine maintenance of the instrument be performed during use. As instruments are used for
many years in the program, your instrument will be inspected by Mrs. Reed and should be
returned in the same condition in which it was loaned. Students must have the school owned
instrument in good working condition at the end of the school the school year. Non-compliance
will result in the final report card held until this is satisfied.

Unpaid Fees
If the student’s fees are not paid for the event covered by the band fees, then the parent/guardian
will be responsible for all fees associated with the event. Unpaid fees will result in student not
receiving his/her final report card until paid in full.

Why does the SOA Middle School Band Program fundraise?
Band fees do not cover all expenses. There are two major reasons to fundraise: capital
improvement and unexpected expenses.

We raise funds in order to do the following:

   1. Buy new instruments and equipment for the Middle School Band Program. This
      fundraising benefits more than those presently in band since students in following years
      also will benefit from the new equipment purchased by today’s students.
   2. Provide any unexpected band expenses not covered by school.

Fundraiser information will be provided to the homes of students three ways:

   1. Instructions and any other material necessary will be sent home with each band student
   2. Emails will be sent to parents through the accounts they provide.
   3. The band’s website,, will be updated with pertinent

Please contact a board member if you have any questions regarding fundraisers (see booster
contact list on page 21).

             MS BAND CALENDAR 2012-2013
Sept.20          Fall Concert

Oct.29 – Nov.1   8th grade Art Smart

Nov. 1           Parent Performance for Art Smart

Nov. 3           Applebee’s Fundraiser 7am-11am (West Ashley)

Dec. 1           All-County Auditions 7th & 8th all day

Dec. 3-4         Holiday concert with the HS band

Jan. 3           All County band clinic (@ SOA)

Jan. 12          Region Auditions Summerville HS all day

Jan. 26          All-State Auditions Lexington HS all day

Jan. 31          opening night – “Hairspray”

Feb. 12          Percussion sectional rehearsal 3:15 – 5:00pm

Feb. 14                 Brass sectional rehearsal 3:15- 5:00pm

Feb. 18          Woodwind Sectional rehearsal 3:15-5:00pm

Feb. 19          Percussion sectional rehearsal 3:15 – 5:00pm

Feb. 21                 Brass sectional rehearsal 3:15 – 5:00pm

Feb. 22-23       Region Band Clinic CSU all day - selected students

Feb. 25          Woodwind sectional rehearsal 3:15 – 5:00pm

Feb. 27                 All day Rehearsal at SOA

Feb. 28          Midwest Studio Recording Session

Mar. 8-10        All-State Band Clinic Furman University

Mar. 11          Concert band rehearsal 3:13-5:00pm

Mar. 12             Concert band percussion sectional 3:15-5:00pm

Mar. 14             Pre-festival Parent Concert SOA Auditorium MS and HS

Mar. 18             Concert band rehearsal 3:15-5:00pm

Mar. 25             Concert band rehearsal 3:15-5:00pm

Mar. 26-28          SCBDA Concert Festival

May 3-4             Solo & Ensemble

May 5               Spring Concert @ SOA 3:00pm All students

June 5              SOA Graduation 7pm NCPAC 8th grade only

Concert band = All 6th & 7th grade band students

Wind Ensemble = All 7th & 8th grade band students

             Rehearsal Schedule subject to change!
                              (Return form to Mrs. Reed)

I, ________________________________, have read the 2012-2013 Band Handbook for the
School of the Arts Middle School Band Program. I will do my best to be a good band
member both socially and musically.

Signed __________________________________________ (student signature)

Date: ___________________________________________

                       For the 2012-2013 school year

I, _________________________, parent/guardian of ________________________, have
received and read the 2012-2013 Band Handbook for the School of the Arts Middle School
Band Program. I will support this program of instruction for my child by supporting the
program’s leadership and providing the instrument and published materials necessary for
my child to participate. I will help the progress of the group by helping my child do his/her
best to meet his/her commitments with the band.

Signed __________________________________________ (parent/guardian signature)

Date: ___________________________________________
                                 (Return form to Mrs. Reed)

 STUDENT NAME: ____________________________________________________________

 STREET ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________

 PHONE: __________________________ INSTRUMENT: ___________________________

 BRAND: _____________________________

 *(Circle one)            PERSONAL                   SCHOOL OWNED

 (If personal)

 DATE PURCHASED/LEASED: _______________ VENDOR: ________________________

 (If school owned)

 SERIAL NO.: _________________________ CCSD NO.: ___________________________

 LOCKER NO.:________________________ KEY NO.: _____________________________

*Explanation: Instruments are regarded as either "school owned" or "personal." For the
purposes of identification, instruments held by students/families on lease/purchase are "owned"
by the students/families listed with the instrument. Instruments rented from the school are
"school owned."


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