‘Aiming for Excellence’
No: 20                                                                                                         March 2011

Pupil's Name:   ________________________________________

Dear Parents

We have had a number of year 8 pupils out and about over the last week or so. Some G and T Year 8 pupils visited Redborne
to take part in a Maths Challenge competition (see below) and a number of year 8 pupils who attend Art Club have been
working with lower school pupils on a themed art day. They have really enjoyed the experience and worked incredibly hard.
We have also welcomed six past pupils, now in Year 10, for their two week work placement. They are helping out with year 5
classes. It is always nice to see how much they have progressed since leaving Alameda.
We also had a visit from two elderly residents this week who have lived in Ampthill for many years. They came to talk to
pupils in 5T and 5S about the changing face of Ampthill and some of their memories of the town. They were very impressed
with the behaviour of the pupils.

Tesco/Sainsbury Vouchers
We are collecting vouchers for Tesco and Sainsbury’s. The collection boxes are by the school office.

Non swimmers
After May half term there will be the opportunity for years 5 and 6, non swimmers to attend swimming lessons at Flitwick
Leisure Centre. The lessons will be on a Friday afternoon and will run for six weeks. The cost per child per week will be £1. If
you would like your child to take part in the lessons, please contact the school office and leave your details. If the cost of
the lessons would be prohibitive for you, please ask to speak to Mrs Lourensz in confidence.

Water Bottles
Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school. As the weather warms up the children do require more to drink. They
will not be allowed to drink from the tap for reasons of hygiene.

Packed Lunches
Please ensure your child’s packed lunch has a cool block inside. There are no facilities to refrigerate over 400 packed
lunches. Even in fairly moderate temperatures such as we have experienced over the last week, the lunch boxes get warm.

Headteacher Commendations
Eleanor Webster, 7EJ, has recently produced an outstanding piece of work comparing the reproductive strategies of two
animals. Not only did her work achieve a high level, but she had clearly spent a great deal of time and effort presenting her
work. She had drawn pictures of a foetus to compare its development at different stages of gestation with a human foetus.
Well done Ellie.

Lost property
We have a number of items of ‘left’ property (including coats, football boots etc) which Mrs Sharpe is displaying on the
Quad, throughout the school day. If your child has an item missing please encourage them to have a look to identify any items
which may be theirs. At the end of next week, any remaining items will be bagged and sent off to charity.
                                            Junior Maths Challenge.
On Monday 21 March, six of our brightest and best mathematicians took part in a team Maths challenge at Redborne Upper
School. Collaborating with students from Woodland Middle and Redborne Upper school, students from year 8 worked in teams
of four to solve maths problems and competed against each other for a place in a team which would be chosen to go on to the
finals on May 4th.
Ruby Galley, Alex Glyn-Davies, Alex Longmuir, Charlotte Rawlings, Ellen Thomas and Joshua Wilkins took part in the event and
were all commended for their teamwork and in particular their maths ability. The event was a resounding success and it was
exciting to see some of Alameda’s young stars working successfully in an unfamiliar environment. Alex Glyn-Davies was a
member of the winning team and will receive a prize. Ruby Galley has been named a reserve for the final team and the
Mathematics department would like to congratulate Alex Longmuir who has been offered a place in the final team of four, made
up of students from all three collaborating schools.

Mr Jones

                                                 Free School Meals Changes Reminder
House Points
Aragon             498
                             There has been a change in the way parents apply for free school meals. The number to call if you
Castile            473
                             think you are entitled to free school meals is:
Leon               463
                                                                       0300 300 8306
Navarre            445
                             This line is open 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday
                             We will be able to check entitlement electronically against information provided by the
                             Department for Education (Eligibility Checking Service).

                             The Local Authority will do this on a regular basis for all families (once every term/half term) and
                             therefore review forms will no longer be issued to parents individually.

                             Parents / Guardians will however be written to once a year to remind them of their responsibility
                             to report changes in their circumstances which may affect their FSM

                                                      Merit News
Congratulations to the following pupils who have gained merit awards since the
last newsletter:-

Bronze:- Christopher Bailey, Harry McGowan, Samantha Reynolds, Charlotte Burns, Rebecca Wormald, Chloe Baker,
Harry Moir, Abigail Clements Bewley, Rioja Harmer-Hankey,

Silver:- Fay Hocking, Jack Davis, Jamie Lister, Kylie O’Brien, Finlay Cannon, Samantha Anne Wall, Joe Bennett,
Joshua Vadiveloo, Eve Walker, Emmy Eves, Amy Mannings, Emily Osborn, Alice Newsome, Robert Stein, Thomas Coen

Gold:- Thomas Blackhurst, Alicia O’Neill, Harry Bower, Amelia Hurn, Gregory Sear, Sean Foster, Harry Lloyd

Alameda Badge:- Emma Broadhouse, Jake Tomkins, Nicole Brown,

Platinum:- Harry Ashby
                     What bullying is (and isn’t)!
At school your child will learn that bullying:

 1. ….goes on for a while, or happens regularly.
 2. ….is deliberate. The bully wants to hurt, humiliate or harm the target.
 3. ….involves someone (or several people) who are stronger in some way than the
       person being bullied. The person doing the bullying has more power; they
       are older, stronger, there are more of them or they have some ‘hold’ over
       the target (e.g. they know a secret about them).

                                   Because these three things have to happen together
                                   for something to be called ‘bullying’, they will learn
                                   that bullying is not:

                                   . A one-off fight or argument

                                   . A friend sometimes being nasty

                                   . An argument with a friend

Remember – falling out with ‘friends’ is normal and a natural
                        part of life.

                              Where to find out more:
                For further information about bullying try these helplines and websites:
         (tel: 0800 1111)
      (tel 0808 800 2222)

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