PEEBLES HIGH SCHOOL PARENT COUNCIL

                  MINUTES OF MEETING TUESDAY 1ST JUNE 2010 @ 7.00pm

      Present: Michael Pryor (Chair) John Brown, Paul Fagan, Gillian Hughes, Amanda

      Apologies: Penny Scott, Theresa Reville

AGENDA                        CONTENT                                       ACTION
Introduction                     MP opened the meeting

S1 Parents Programme -              JBB walked group through new S1
discussion                           calendar for parents and explained
                                     rationale behind decision to produce
Thinking Through Learning -         PF gave a detailed presentation – see Include Thinking
Update                               attached                              through Learning on
                                                                           agenda on a regular
                                                                           basis. MP

Staffing Issues                     In 2007/08 – PHS had 96 fte
                                     teaching staff. Projection for
                                     2010/11 is 82.8 fte.
                                    HT’s have been advised that Local
                                     Authorities are looking at ways
                                     rationalise resources together. PHS
                                     is working on the expectation of a
                                     15% budget reduction over next 3
                                    This year we are being given 3
                                     Probationer teachers (2.1 FTE)
                                    Small dip in first year numbers
                                     (180). S5/6 largest senior school
                                     ever (365)
                                    Sufficient teachers to have Form
                                     Tutors for all classes and year

Financial Issues                    PHS has moved forward from £58k
                                     deficit in April 09 to 50k surplus –
                                     April 10
                                    Budget for 2010/11 has been set
                                    The Rector has had agreement from
                                     Educ Dept and has agreed with
                                     several Business Partners to fund
                                     PT’s CfE (temporary positions per
                                     academic year) – to take forward
                               CfE initiatives

Financial Issues cont         MP advised that Glen Rodger,
                               Director of Education is intending to
                               form a group that includes parents to
                               act as a ‘sounding board’ in relation
                               to proposed initiatives relating the
                               current financial climate.              MP to give feedback
                              MP will report back on 1st meeting
                               of this group after the holidays

Fund Raising Group            MP looking for views on whether
                               this Fund Raising Group should be
                               formed. JB said that within school
                               at Snr /Middle Mgmt level - no
                               capacity to take this on. MP - need
                               parents with enthusiasm and
                               expertise/specialist knowledge to       MP to speak to G
                               take forward. MP to discuss with G      O’Fee
                               O’Fee and report back to PC

Dates for 2010/2011     2010
                              8th Sept – Parent Council
                              30th Sept – Parent Forum (Thinking
                               for Learning)
                              16th Nov – Parent Council
                              8th Feb – Parent Council
                              23rd March – PF GLOW
                              26th April – AGM

AOB                           Query re: recruitment process for
                               DHT vacancy. JBB walked through
                               the process
                              MP to ask Gillian Simmons if PHS
                               can have more parents trained in        MP to contact GS
                               interviews for DHT’s and HT’s

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