Some Sources to Help with Using Sources by D5D29A5


									                       Some Sources to Help with Using Sources

In addition to the Purdue and UNC Websites, you can look at some other Webpages for
specific information on putting together research papers. What you’ll realize after looking
at several of these is that they present pretty much the same basic ideas. Sometimes it is
just helpful to see something presented a little differently.

Basic information on paraphrase, summary, quotations, and other issues involved in
using sources:

Purdue OWL on MLA style:

U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, list of handouts and also a page on quotations:

Long handout with lots of information on citing, quoting, and so on from the University
of Houston-Victoria:

Indiana University handout:

Exercise on integrating quotations from Mt. San Antonio College:

Useful handout from a literature teacher at Middle Georgia College, showing some of the
fine-tuning you may need to use for quotations, such as ellipses, brackets, and so on.

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