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					Self-Introduction A

  Personal Introduction (PowerPoint)
     o About Me:
           My name is Jeffrey.
           From California, USA
                  Born in Los Angeles
                  Lived in San Francisco
           Family of 5—Father, Mother, 2 brothers, and me
     o Hobbies:
           Fencing
           Traveling
           Ethnic foods
     o Likes:
           Color—red
           Food—Japanese
           Sport—fencing
           Music—techno
           Artist—Bjork
     o Dislikes:
           Eating meat
           Ex-president Bush
           War

  Self-Intro BINGO
     o Students write names in romaji on paper tickets
     o Put tickets in box
     o Hand out bingo cards and have students collect friends’ names on cards:
           Hello. / Hello.
           My name is... / My name is...
           Nice to meet you. / Nice to meet you too.
     o When bingo cards are complete, write on board example self-intro phrases:
           My name is…
           I am from…
           My hobby is…
           I like…
           I don’t like…
     o Pull out a ticket. Student picked says name and 1 fact above
     o Students cross out each name called on their card
     o Winners connect a row of called names and say “BINGO!”
Self-Introduction B

  Home Country Introduction (PowerPoint)
     o Welcome to America
                 Very big
                 Lots of diversity
                 Friendly and energetic people
                 And a cool new president!
     o California
                 Very big state (2/3 size of Japan)
                 Governor—Arnold Schwartzenegger
                 Many Asian people: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese
                 South—hot and sunny: deserts
                 North—cool and rainy: forests
                 West—beaches
                 Middle—farms
                 East—mountains
                 Sports: surfing, snowboarding, skating
          Los Angeles
                 Weather—hot, dry, sunny
                 Famous for:
                     o 1st Disneyland
                     o Hollywood
                     o Sports:
                             Baseball—Dodgers
                             Basketball—Lakers
                     o Sister City—Nagoya
          San Francisco
                 Weather—cool and rainy
                 Famous for:
                     o Hippies
                     o Very liberal politics
                     o Famous Chinatown and Japantown
                     o Sports:
                             Baseball—Giants
                     o Sister City—Osaka

  Box & Ball Game

  Self-Intro Quiz

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