Are You Brave Enough for Mistakes by D5D29A5


                       posted 7/18/07

 Dr. Charles Fay

Ah, the sounds of summer! Birds chirping, the sound of the ice cream truck, and
kids moaning, "I'm bored! There's nothing to do."

Despite popular kid opinion, boredom is essential for the development of healthy
problem-solving skills and creativity. Can you imagine the world today if
Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford had never experienced it?

Some parents make the mistake of spending the entire summer making sure that
their children are always entertained. In the process, they steal wonderful
opportunities for their kids to learn creative ways to entertain themselves. They
also create kids who selfishly believe that everything should be entertaining all of
the time.

Wiser parents hand the boredom problem right back to their kids by responding,
"That's a bummer, what do you think you are going to do?"

When their children answer, "I don't know," they simply give some suggestions
and allow responsibility for solving the problem to rest on their youngsters'
shoulders: "Some kids decide to draw pictures. How will that work? Other kids
decide to build something out of wood. Others decide that they are going to do
some reading. Good luck."

If their children continue to complain, they pat them on the back and say, "When
kids keep complaining that they are bored, it means that their parents aren't
giving them enough chores. There's a broom right over there."

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Charles Fay

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