LighthouseProject Adams14 Outline by D5D29A5


									                                    Lighthouse Project
Project Outline:

Early in the school year I met the Fine and Performing Arts Coordinator and we began discussions about
creating a week long summer camp for our elementary students that exposed them to topics and
activities that they normally didn’t have access to during the school year. We decided that we would
base our theme around geography standards and incorporate literacy and Performing Arts Standards.
The literacy standard was designed to extend beyond what was taught in the core in reading and writing
and to incorporate high levels of creativity.

   • Design project using the Summer University Resource
   • Determine subject area, grade level of students, selection process
   • Approach Adams 14 Foundation , Debbie Rothenberg, Commerce City, and other sources for
      grants and resources
   • Identify location for the program to be placed (safe & secure environment)
   • Secure funding
   • Select curriculum and identify necessary resources
   • Identify students who would be invited (identified GT, on watch list, and teacher identified)
   • Identify teachers for the program through several channels
   • Design invitation to students and deliver through the schools
   • Collect donated materials, and finalize food donations
   • Collect student applications and money; elicit mini-grants from other individuals who were
      willing to sponsor individual students.
   • Meet with selected 6 teachers; go over expectations and share materials
   • Register students


       •   We created teacher, student and parent surveys to determine what worked, what the students
           liked and what improvements could be made to the learning, the application process and the

Student Achievement

       •   I have not collected data on student achievement, but I will follow up with the identified
           gifted students who participated to see how they are performing in school this year.


       •   I have already approached the Adams 14 Foundation this year for a grant and they are going
           to work with me to find additional monies.

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