Map 1-1 North American Culture Areas, c. 1500 by D5D29A5


									                    History 386. Test 1
 Locate the following countries and identify their modern
capitals, dominant religion (Sunni, Shi’a, or other) and the
     form of government (republic, monarchy, etc.)   :
 Egypt      Sudan       Turkey
 Syria      Lebanon     Israel
 Jordan     Iraq        Iran
 Afghanistan        Saudi Arabia
 Yemen      Oman        UAE
 Kuwait     Qatar       Bahrain
                  History 389. Test 1
   Part A. Identify and explain the meaning of the following
   Sumerians                  Hittites
   Phoenicians                Hellenistic Age
   Zoroastrianism             Judah/Judea
   Abraham                    Covenant
   Mohammed                   Five Pillars of Islam
   Jihad                      Shi’ism
   Old Testament             Sufism

   Part B. Respond to the following:
   In your opinion, what was the most significant legacy
    of the pre-Islamic societies to the medieval Middle
    East? Support your assertions with specific
                       Film response paper

Write a short essay (1 single-spaced page), analyzing the film as it
supports or contradicts your understanding of a particular period
                 in the history of the Middle East.

                        See the guidelines
    History 389 Paper 2 (approx. 3 double-spaced
       According to Bernard Lewis,
    between 1500 and 1900 the
    interaction between the West and
    the Islamic world deeply affected
    the latter. In your opinion, what
    were the most important
    consequences of this interaction for
    the Islamic world? Support your
    assertions with specific examples.

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