Targets for Middle East by D5D29A5


									                   Targets for Middle East:                     HISTORY

So, here is what the state says I should be able to do:
 Apply the conventions of BCE and CE or BC and AD to arrange and analyze events in chronological order
 Describe the influence of geography on the development of unique civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia
 Describe the governments, cultures, economic systems, technologies and agricultural practices and products of early
   civilizations and their enduring influence in the Eastern Hemisphere today

Why do I need to know this?
Everyone needs to know the world because the United States isn’t the only country out there. Every region of the world has a different
  history and people live differently because of it. So I need to, in general, be able to…

   Describe the political and social characteristics of early civilizations
   Define and identify regions using human and physical characteristics.
   Organize historical information in text or graphic format and analyze the information in order to draw conclusions

So how will I learn this in social studies?

Answer the Essential Question: ”How have ideas and events from the past shaped the Eastern Hemisphere today?”
                                              How can I answer the                What evidence is there to    Checkpoint
          My Targets                                                                                              of my
                                              “Essential Question”?                 show my learning?         understanding

I can identify key vocabulary relating
to Mesopotamia: Tigris, Euphrates,
Hammurabi, ziggurat, polytheism,
cuneiform, Sumerian, Fertile

I can explain characteristics of
Mesopotamia and why it is an ancient

I can identify key vocabulary relating
to Ancient Egypt: Nile, pharaoh,
pyramid, papyrus, hieroglyphics,
polytheism, mummification

I can explain characteristics of
Ancient Egypt and why it is an
ancient civilization.

I can compare Mesopotamia and
Ancient Egypt and explain their
differences and similarities

                                         Students check to see if they got this                               Write in score
            CHECKPOINT                   right on the checkpoint

                                                                                                              Reteach and
I can summarize the characteristics of                                                                        enrich activities
Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

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     SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW                  right on the SWYK                                                    in score

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