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									                               4th Grade Newsletter
                               September 17, 2012
Student of the Week:
Mr. Reisinger 4A Faheem Sharif
Ms. Provera 4B Jada Elliott

Room 4A is looking for a room parent to help facilitate parties and end of the year picnic, etc.
Room 4B is looking for someone to help co-parent by facilitating parties, field trips, and end of
the year picnic. Please contact Mr. Reisinger or Mrs. Provera if you would like to help.

Fourth grade is also looking for a parent volunteer to help out in the library during our library
times. Mr. Reisinger’s class (4A) has library on Thursday at 9:05 A.M. and Ms. Provera’s class
(4B) has library on Tuesday at 11:55 A.M. If you would like to shelve books and help students
choose appropriate books, this is the job for you!

Math 54
Lessons 20- 24
Some of our topics this week include:
     Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, and Circles
     Naming Fractions
     Adding Dollars and Cents
     Lines, Segments, Rays, and Angles
     More about Missing Numbers in Addition and Subtraction
     Subtraction Stories
This week we will read “Mae Jemison” in our Open Court stories. We will read the story twice,
discuss it, and do activities based on the reading each week. There will be a short test on Friday.
Students are not expected to study for the test, but to participate in daily discussion and
readings. Reading strategies we are focusing on this week predicting, making inferences, and
summarizing. Vocabulary words are astronaut, excelled, specialized, simulates, and

Language Arts
Expect your student to be writing in some form each day. This week we are focusing on writing
a rough draft for a personal narrative. Mrs. Provera’s class will be focused on writing
occasion/position and power (number) topic sentences.

This week’s words are: dynamite, flight, knight, pirate, tighten, type, style, rhyme,
spite, supply, pilot, mile, midnight, icicle, skylight, decide, science, overnight,
might, wired.

Here’s how it goes:
    Monday: Pre-test/Get the list
    Tuesday: Study
    Due Wednesday: Study
    Due Thursday: Choose enough assignments from the list to get ten spelling points.
    Friday: Test
History (Reisinger) This week we will continue our study of the Revolutionary war. We will
learn about the shot heard around the world, Concord and Lexington, redcoats and minutemen,
comparing the two armies, Bunker Hill, and the Second Continental Congress. We will have a
quiz “Preparing for Battle.”

Science (Provera)
This week we will begin our unit on geology. We will begin with the layers of the Earth and
discuss vocabulary for our unit.
Weekly Events
September 21 – Early Dismissal 12:30
September 27 – progress reports will go home.

Important Information
~Website, website, website! Go to http://www.aacademy.org/4b/ for daily assignments,
spelling words, and general information.

Volunteer Opportunities
*All volunteers must complete a background check with the office. If you completed one
last year, you do not need to complete a new background check this year.
~Classroom volunteers: At times, there will be a need to have parents helping out in the
classroom. It is helpful if these parents can provide structure and discipline as well as
enthusiasm for the subject matter. As the school year gets underway, it will become clear
to us when it will be useful to have this type of assistance and we will notify parents in our
~Assembling Bulletin Boards: Do you have a creative streak that’s just itching to come
out?? This is an at school opportunity in which a volunteer helps create bulletin boards
featuring our fourth graders’ work or the boards can be curriculum themed.
~Book Donations: If you have books in the third to sixth grade reading level that you no
longer want, please donate them to your child’s homeroom teacher for our class libraries.
~Party Organizer: Another creative opportunity: We are in need of someone that can
commit to organizing various parties throughout the year.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact
Mr.Reisinger (201) at mreisinger@aacademy.org or Ms. Provera (202) at
dprovera@aacademy.org . You are welcome into our classrooms at any time. We just ask
that you make prior arrangements with us so we can be prepared for you. Thanks!

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