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									                            21st Century Literacy SYLLABUS

Semester Course: Block every other day
Teacher: Mr Joe Pastoor: 8th Grade (sub for Mrs. Schoeneker)
952-848-3518 Available 7:15-3:15 Monday-Friday
Office #214

Course Standards Understand, analyze, and use different types of print, digital, and multimodal
        a. Evaluate mass media with regard to quality of production, accuracy of
        information, bias, stereotype, purpose, message and target audience (e.g.,
        film, television, radio, video games, advertisements).
        b. Critically analyze the messages and points of view employed in different
        media (e.g., advertising, news programs, websites, video games, blogs,
        c. Analyze design elements of various kinds of media productions to observe
        that media messages are constructed for a specific purpose.
        d. Recognize ethical standards and safe practices in social and personal media
        communications. As an individual or in collaboration, create a persuasive multimedia work or a
piece of digital communication or contribute to an online collaboration for a specific
       a. Demonstrate a developmentally appropriate understanding of copyright,
       attribution, principles of Fair Use, Creative Commons licenses and the effect
       of genre on conventions of attribution and citation.
       b. Publish the work and share with an audience

Unit Outcomes
To successfully complete this course, you must complete the following units.
     Unit 1: Media Literacy and Responsibility
          o There is one planned quiz and one planned test on terminology.
              Students will create a Public Service announcement to demonstrate
              their mastery of the skills in this unit.
     Unit 2: Rhetoric, Research & Debate
          o There is one planned quiz and one planned test on terminology.
              Students will research a controversial topic of their choice and create a
              digital debate to demonstrate their mastery of rhetoric and electronic
            o  Rhetoric (which means the skill of persuasion). This unit will grow your
               research and debate skills while studying the art of persuasion.
           o The final unit project will tie together the entire semester. You will
               apply your knowledge of the media, visual literacy, musical
               techniques, group collaboration, research, and persuasion to create a
               digital debate on a controversial topic of your choice!
       Unit 3: Life and Career Skills
           o This mini unit (3 days) is taught by the 8th grade counselor Kent
               Downing. There is little homework and no assessments.
           o Students will receive and learn about their Explore Test results, start
               planning for the future while learning about EHS course offerings and
               the job market.
           o We will go through the steps of exploring who you are, your interests
               and strengths, and how these can help you plan for the future and
               even a career.
           o We will use Naviance to find out your interests and learn how to use
               them to guide in your future planning.

Required Materials
To successfully complete this course, you will need
       A flash/travel drive
       A form of note taking: notebook/pencil or computer(must be approved and have a sticker)
       A folder for keeping track of papers

Online Resources
    Edina Public Schools Website for Students
          o http://www.edina.k12.mn.us/students
    Class Moodle page

Policies, Procedures and Grading
General Rules:
I expect students to be on time, prepared, polite and respectful. I expect our classroom to have
rapport and an environment conducive to learning. When students are not prepared, repeatedly late
or absent, or are disrespectful these incidents cause issues for the entire classroom. Each of us is a
vital part of the whole: we all need to do our part for our class to be successful. I see parents and
teachers as a team – we need to work together to best support your child. Please contact me
immediately about questions and concerns!

If you have a planned absence: I expect that you check in with me before hand and have all work
completed when you return.

If you are absent due to illness or for some other unexpected reason, I expect you to check in with me
on your first day back, check Moodle, and complete the make-up work by a date set by you and me.

Grading Policies:
I accept late work through the end of the unit. I will deduct 20% from the late work’s grade because I
believe it is important for students to learn to meet deadlines. Timely homework completion is
essential for material mastery and comprehension.

Formative (10% of overall grade.) = Daily assignments, in class work, pop quizzes

Summative = Assessments (Planned quizzes, tests, projects)
Summative (90% of overall grade) = (60% = Projects & 30% = Tests/Planned quizzes.)
Projects are cumulative and are completed in stages throughout the quarter. This means that the
students’ grades are a “work in progress” through the end of each quarter.

Grading Scale: Reading Lab is Pass or Fail
Standard Grading Scale. I do not round percentages up. 89.9% = B+
100-90%         A                 Exceeds state standards                             Passing Grades
89-80%          B                 Meets state standards
79-70%          C                 Partially meets state standards
69-60%          D                 Does not meet state standards
59%-0%          F                 Far below state standards                           Failing Grades

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