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									Taking Courses at Other Schools:
       Using the
    Transient Student Form
          Heavener School of Business
                 233 Bryan Hall
                (352) 273-0165
1) Review the website of the school you want to
attend to determine the following:

  • Procedures for registering as a transient (or
  non-degree seeking) student
  • Course number(s) and title(s)
      Universal Tracking Equivalencies

  • The availability of the course(s)
  (Note: Most schools do not post their summer
  course schedule until mid to late March)
Important Note: Some institutions
    require students to apply for
admission to their school before they
  fill out the transient form, while
others want students to fill out the
        transient form first.
2) Go to Click “Student Login” and
create a username and password if you have not
3) After logging in, select “Transient Student
Admission” under “Apply”.
4) Read the instructions and click “Continue”
5) Select “University of Florida” in the drop down
menu under “Select Home Institution”
6) Enter your UF GatorLink ID (not your UF ID) and
your password.
7) Make sure the institution you want to attend is listed under the
“Login Assistance” page. If not, please contact your Heavener
School of Business Advisor.
Important Note: may not
accept your GatorLink password if it
   contains an unusual character
(including some punctuation marks).
The only way around this is to change
           your password.
8) Select Business Administration and All
Departments from the drop down menus. Click next.
Note: If you are not currently a business
major, you need to select the UF college
    that oversees your current major.
9) Complete the form and select the transient
institution you want to attend.
10) Select the term/year and type in the course
info. Type your UF ID number in the “Student
Comments” box, and click to sign.
  Your transient student form will be
automatically sent to the UF Heavener
School of Business. An academic advisor
  will approve or deny your request.
   A transient form might be denied if . . .

• You’re enrolled at UF in the same term
 you’re asking to attend the other institution.
• You need 30 or less credits to finish your UF
• You are not a business major.
• You have already earned a C or better in
  the course you want to take.
• You request to take a course that you are
  required to take at UF.
When your transient form is approved by a
  Heavener School of Business Academic
Advisor, it will be automatically sent to the
   UF Registrar. When approved by the
 Registrar, the form will be automatically
 sent to the transient institution for final
   You can check the progress of your
transient student form on, on
 the transient student form main page.
     To earn credit for the course(s) you
 complete at another institution, YOU must
ask the institution to send your transcript to
            University of Florida
         Transfer Credit Evaluation
              PO Box 114000
         Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

    ALL course work completed at other
      institutions MUST be reported.
Courses You CAN Take at Other Schools

         Universal Tracking
         General Education

          Foreign Language

           Free Electives
Courses You CAN’T Take at Other Schools
         Core Business Courses
            Major Courses
     Area of Specialization Courses
          Restricted Electives
 (i.e. Non-Business/Business Electives)
  Grades Earned at Other Schools . . .

• WILL NOT be calculated into your UF
GPA but will appear on your official UF

• WILL be calculated into your business
Universal Tracking GPA
 The Nine Hour Summer Requirement
 Courses taken at a Florida community
college WILL NOT count toward the nine
hour summer enrollment requirement.
Courses taken at a Florida 4 year public
University WILL count toward the nine
      hour summer requirement.

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