SPEECH DELIVERED BY MR. B. N. GITAU
                         EASTERN PROVINCE
                       MBEERE NORTH DISTRICT
                     SATURDAY 29TH JANUARY, 2011

Hon. Lenny Kivuti – M.P. Siakago
The District Education Officer – Mbeere North,
Head teachers,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen.
It gives me great pleasure to be with you today during your
Luncheon for best KCPE students. Indeed, I feel honoured
and privileged by this invitation to preside over this
special annual event in your District calendar.
The Sponsor of this event, the Honourable M.P, this day is
significant in that, it provides an opportunity for all
stakeholders to meet identify and recognize those
students and schools that had excelled in the District. The
day also provides an excellent platform to deliberate on the
future academic trend of the District through consultations
and sharing of ideas.

The Ministry of Education is committed towards ensuring
that children gain access to affordable quality education. As
you are aware, the Government intervention through
offering Free Primary Education and Subsidized Secondary
Education goes a long way to making education accessible to
all. The Ministry of Education is also collating data on
schools affected by drought for appropriate intervention

Education is a powerful instrument of promoting national
development, fighting ignorance and illiteracy, poverty,
narrowing social differences and promoting national
cohesion. It enables those educated to make informed

In cognition of these perceived benefits to the individual and
the society, we must be determined and focused to ensure
that our children acquire the best from our schools.
 let me take this opportunity to congratulate the Sponsor
and the entire District for the good KCPE performance
that you have continued to maintain in KCPE. Last year
(2010) KCPE District mean score was 245.58 compared to
243.26 in 2009, an improvement index of +ve 2.32.
Similarly I would like to congratulate
candidates who attained 300 marks and above, whose number rose from 321 in 2009 to 327
       in 2010. In the same vein, I would like to recognize the contribution of the schools
       that excelled in the District in 2010 namely;
 Private schools

    Harmony Primary School meanscore 335.54,
    Minimax Primary School Meanscore 332.25,
    Zaba Primary School meanscore 328.20
Public schools namely:
    St Peter’s Ishiara Primary School meanscore 323.68
    Gitie Primary School meanscore 319.27
    Gatatha Primary School meanscore 286.80
Best improved namely:
    Kathagutari Primary meanscore 249.50 an improvement of 47.33
    Muthanthara Primary meanscore 210.78 an improvement of 38.18
    Kianjogu Primary mean score 319.27 an improvement index of 35.10
May I congratulate the Head teachers of these primary schools for the sterling performance. I
urge all stakeholders to come with up strategies to realize improved performance in 2011
KCPE results.

The Honourable Sponsor, allow me Sir at this juncture to
emphasis on quality and standards motto ”The race for
quality has no finishing line”. This entails that no
institution or district at any single time can afford to sit back
and say “We can now rest for we have achieved the required
quality”. Quality is an ongoing struggle to perfection.
To our dear children/student gathered here today “THINK BIG” as Ben Carson of the ‘Gifted
Hands’ tells us. Let no barriers stand between your ways to success. An American
Philosopher called William James said that, compared to what we can be compared to what is
possible in our life, we are only half asleep. I have a feeling that students of Mbeere North
District are only half awake. I have come to wake you up. I have come to disturb your sleep.
I have come to tell you to wake up and smell the coffee. Our children, what do all excellent
people have in common? They are all people who one day decided to be different – to be
excellent. And so can you. You too can decide to be an excellent students, teachers etc.
Schools are places where we create excellence. A good school is a factory of excellence.

Many students Honourable Sponsor, are in love with the Average/Mediocrity/Ordinary. John
Mason wrote of an enemy called Average. Millions of Kenyans fit in the class of people that
MYLES MUNROE describes as having entered a contract with the average. They are
striving to achieve NORMAL goals, in the company of Normal friends, who have a Normal
education, taught by Normal teachers, who give them Normal grades, and who live in Normal
homes, with their Normal children, to whom the bequeath a Normal heritage and who bury
them in Normal graves. What a Normal tragedy? And yet we all have the potential to

I was shocked to learn that the average man and woman use only 10 -14% of his/her
potential. Where does the rest of the potential GO TO? The Grave of course!!
Students avoid just believing in being average. Surround yourself with disciplined and
positively minded students. Our dear children, know that you, have what it takes to excel.
However, to achieve great success you shun laziness and embrace the virtues of diligence,
strict discipline, high sense of spirituality and morality. Have a mid - set that can help you
overcome any limitations that is within your physical, social or economic environment.
Remember God is always there for you.

Turning to our teachers, I urge you to continue being a positive role model for our children to
emulate. Be an inspiration to these students so that they can scale the Great heights of life
ahead of them. Excellence is not confined to students. Teachers too can and must be
excellent. There are four types of teachers;
    The Mediocre teacher – Tells
    The Good Teacher – Explains
    The Superior teacher – Demonstrates
    The Great teacher – Inspires

We must inspire our students not only with what we say but also what we do. Are we
exemplary models for our students? Justify our salary increments by working harder, better
preparations, better delivery, more creative presentations and BETTER RESULTS. Seek to
continually, improve yourself. Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or at
eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Ensure also that learning is pleasant and pleasurable to your students so that they will always
be longing for the next days Mathematics, English or Physics lesson. Demystify particularly
the sciences and ensure further that our children enroll in large numbers and also achieve
Quality Grades.

To the parents, I wish to appreciate your contributions to the development of our schools.
That fact that you have taken your children to Mbeere schools shows that you have much
faith in them. Your continued in-put will be greatly appreciated and will contribute
immensely to the growth of our schools. The Education fraternity expects you to support the
schools in all ways possible, so as to ensure their success. This is by:-
     Providing the students with their personal needs.
     Assisting to ensure good discipline of your children.
     Offering guidance and counseling to your children to enable them develop into
        responsible citizens.
     Work very closely with the teachers into moulding your children.
To achieve this, you need to plan regular visits to the school an engage in friendly and direct
collaboration/consultations with the teachers, creating an enabling environment that protects
your children from any threat that might limit their access to or benefits from education. This
entails fostering an environment that promote their physical safety and maintains the integrity
of their personhood, encouraging the attainment of the maximum potential.

If you do this, you will help empower our children so that they can achieve their full physical,
emotional, moral and intellectual potential. Remember that when we educate. Our children,
we are securing our future and prosperity for the nation. Therefore, let us not only ensure
that all our children attend school, but are also assisted to progress to higher levels of
For those receiving awards today, I say well done! You may walk tall because you have
soared high like the eagles. Keep soaring even higher for the benefit of our society. To those
who won’t get any awards, take it as a challenge and be determined to be awarded next time.
As we conclude, I want to believe that many of you here today are willing, able and
determined to shine, to excel, to become something in your life. I certainly want to excel. I
want to become the best that I can be, the best teacher, the best parent, the best worker, the
best student and the best citizen in this country.

Stakeholders namely; Parents, Sponsors and Private Schools proprietors, I thank and
congratulate you for upholding effective management skills in your schools. Indeed, there
were no cases of irregular intervention in school affairs that derailed effective service
delivery. You all embraced teamwork.

To the Honourable M.P., thank you for setting pace in ensuring that the District excels
academically. God bless you as you endeavour to intervene to make schools in the District

To you all I say “May today be the first day in the crusade in your life to be your very best;
while taking stock of all your achievements you would proudly say “I had a good fight, I won
the race”.

Thank you very much.
God bless this Great District.

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