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									More about Coaching Hours

Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program Requirements
For the Core Coaching Certificate Program, participants are required to
coach at least 3 people for a total of 25 hours.

The purpose of the coaching requirement is to encourage each
participant to use their coaching skills with others. Much learning
comes through actually coaching. The TeleClasses support participants
to begin coaching with others.

Our Coaching Requirements vs. ICF Requirements
Our coaching requirements are broader than the International Coach
Federation's requirements due to the nature of our participants' work.
Be sure to check the ICF's website regarding their requirements if you
seek ICF credentialing.


      Coaching may be done over the phone or in person.
      Clients must sign an agreement acknowledging they know they
       are being coached.
      At least 2 of your clients must be coached at least 6 hours.
      No payment requirements (however, the ICF has payments
      Coaching minutes should be counted separately from other
       functions like training or teaching.
      Coaching individuals is preferred, if coaching more than one
       person at a time the group session counts as one coaching time
       period (not that time multiplied by the number of participants).
      No restrictions on who you may coach (however, ICF won't count
       coaching people who report directly to you).

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