EFP resentation Submission Instructions by 6jAUSX


									                                 English Fest 2011
                    How to Submit a Panel/Presentation

Submitting a panel/presentation to English Fest is a simple process!

   1. Find a group of friends or classmates who want to present with you a chosen academic
      topic to an audience. Your group can present in the form of a panel or other
      creative/interactive presentation. Be creative!

   2. Think of a topic your group would like to present. This topic could be from a paper, prose
      piece, or any other creative project you have created for a class or on your own. Your
      group members can help you present your specific project/paper, or present their own
      related to the topic your group has chosen.

   3. Find a professor to be your faculty advisor.

   4. Submit the group presentation application form (See Submission Details below for more
      information) with a title for the presentation of your group so we can begin promoting
      Fest events.

   5. Once we have received your group presentation application we will assign your group a
      time. Please confirm this date and time with your group and faculty advisor.

   6. Fill out the individual presentation application form with a summary of the material you
      will present, and your audio/visual and room needs.

   7. Respond promptly to e-mail notifications about presentation time with your topic,
      paper/project title(s) and A/V needs.

Common Questions about Fest:

Q: Do I need to write a paper specifically for English Fest to present there?

A: No! You can use any of your previous academic writings. Think back to that amazing term
paper for a class last year on that topic you really enjoyed. You will most likely, however, have
to cut your original paper back to a shorter, more manageable length that can be read aloud in
approximately ten minutes. This is standard procedure at all academic conferences.
Common Questions about Fest Continued:

Q: Why should I present a panel/presentation at Fest?

A: At this time English Fest is not taking individual paper presentations, but we really encourage
students to form a panel or project to present. English Fest is a venue where students can present
their scholarly works and receive feedback from interested peers and professors.

Presentation experience is invaluable! It looks great on a resume and offers practice for getting
up in front of people. Plus, when it’s about a topic you love why wouldn’t you want to share
your discoveries?

Q: What is a panel?

A: A typical English Fest panel is a group of 3-6 students sharing their research and knowledge
(usually in the form of a paper) on a similar topic or theme to an audience. A panel at English
Fest is about fifty minutes long, with time inside those fifty minutes for question and answer.
Panels typically have a chair or moderator. The chair or moderator introduces the group, their
topics, facilitates the question and answer portion at the end of the presentation, and keeps time.
We encourage faculty advisors to chair the panels, but this is not a requirement.

Q: What is the role of the Faculty Advisor?

A: They can help you form a panel and fill out the required paperwork. They are a resource for
you for your presentation. They can chair the English Fest presentation if they wish. They are
also a part of the e-mailing process for finalizing the submission and confirming the presentation

Submission Details:

Please submit a completed presentation form by the deadline announced early in Spring
Semester. These forms will be available in the English office and on the English Fest website.

Completed forms can be placed in the English Fest Mailbox in HHH 405.

*See below for a sample of our form.

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