Class Schedule Sp 12 by 5v4CW8



 DUE DATE            ASSIGNMENT              POINT     COLOR        SCORE
February 2    10 Finger Play Cards            10        Lilac
February 9    25 Art Cards and 3 samples      25       Green
February 16   10 Sensory Table Cards          10       Yellow
February      10 Dramatic Play Cards          10        Beige
23            Dramatic Play Prop Box Plan     10
March 1       10 Creative Movement Cards      10        Peach
              10 Large Group Motor Cards      10
              10 Individual Large Motor       10
March 8       1 Instrument                    25
              25 Song Cards                   25     Purple/Lilac
              5 Instrument Cards               5
March 15      Flannel Board Story Present.    50        Blue
              10 Listening Cards               5
              10 Pre-Writing Cards             5
March 27      PROP BOX DUE                    50
March 29      10 Pre-Reading Cards             5        Blue
              3 Pre-Writing Games             30
April 5       3 Pre-Reading Game              30        Blue
              20 Book Summaries               10
April 12      25 Science Cards                15       Yellow
April 19      3 Math Games                    30       Green
              25 Math Activities              15
April 26      10 Nutrition Activities         10        Pink
May 3         10 Health and Safety            10        Pink
              20 Outdoor Activity Cards
May 10        10 Field Trip Cards             10        Peach
              10 Visitor Cards                10

            EXAM          DATE
Exam #1                   February 9
Exam #2                   March 13
Final Exam Part I         May 10
Final Exam Part II        During Finals Week

Week       Tuesday                                                       Thursday
January    Introduction and Overview                                     Curriculum Framework
16         Introduction page 2-8 RED                                     Chapter 1 RED

January    Classroom Climate GCC                                         Classroom Climate
23         Chapter 2 RED                                                 Chapter 2 RED.
           Visit Imagination Factory & complete the featured art
           activity. bring the completed project      games-children.html
           to class to share
January    Materials GCC                                                 10 Finger Plays
30         Chapter 3 RED Visit
           and try out an activity to share on Feb. 1st (remember this
           site for activity cards as well!)
February   Foundation Chapter 1 BLUE                                     25 Art Cards
6                Test #1
           Read and reflect on this article Define the 4
           areas she discusses
February   Sense of Belonging Chapter 2 BLUE GCC                         10 Sensory Cards

February   No Class on Tuesday Faculty In Service                        Space and Materials
20                                                                       Chapter 3 BLUE
                                                                         10 Dramatic Play
                                                                         Dramatic Play Prop Box Plan Due
February   Visual Arts Chapter 6 BLUE                                    10 Creative Movement
27         .              10 Large Motor Cards
           Visit and critique 2 of activities presented (another great   10 Individual Large Motor Cards
           website for activities cards as well!)
                                                                         Email song to me!

March 5    Literacy Chapter 7 BLUE GCC                                   1 Instrument
           25 song Cards
           kcalendar/primary_activity_calendar.html                      5 Instrument Cards
           visit this website and write a reflection of        
           resources available                                           stories-preschool-children.html
                                                                         visit this website, read the article and visit other
                                                                         sites for ideas. Submit a reflection of the sites (at
                                                                         least 3 sites)
March 12   Engagement Chapter 5 BLUE                                     Flannel Board Story and Presentations
            10 Listening Cards
           tingskills.htm visit this site, and include a                 10 Pre Writing Cards
           reflection of the information                       
           TEST #2                                                       dListen.pdf
                                                                         read through this booklet and write down 5 things
                                                                         to share with our group! (This is a 20 page

March 19   SPRING BREAK!!                                      Spring Break!!!!

March 26   Using the Environment Chapter 8 BLUE                10 Pre Reading Cards
           PROP BOX Due and share in class                     3 Pre Writing Cards
           ding/ visit this website and be prepared to share
           5 different facts!
April 2    Teaching and Learning Process Chapter 4 RED         3 Pre Reading Games
         20 Book Summaries
           books-preschool-kids.html                  visit this site,
           watch the video and write down 3 things that you    and check it out and write a summary for parents
           learned and then watch at least 2 additional        of what it has!!!
           videos that you are interested in and record your
           thoughts!!! (you need to watch 3 videos in total)
April 9    Coaching Chapter 5 RED                              25 Science Cards
  scroll down   check out this site and reflect on what it has
           to find the article and write a summary of the
April 16   Dig Deeper Chapter 6 RED                            3 math Games
        25 Math Activities
           visit this site and write a reflection              additional information on this site

April 23   Adapting Chapter 7 RED                             10 Nutrition Activities
  check out   visit
           the nutrition facts on this website!!              this site for ideas and reflection on health

April 30   Natural Environments                               10 Health and Safety Activities
           Chapter 4 BLUE Learning Chapter 8 RED              20 Outdoor Activities
           hool.html Write a reflection on how this site       Visit this website and see how they have
           could be used!                                     implemented an outdoor curriculum.

           Facing Barriers Chapter 8 BLUE                     10 Field Trip Cards
May 7          10 Visitor Cards
           activities-preschool-outdoor-field-trips.html      Part One of Final Exam
           visit this website for background information on
           field trips and social studies in preschool


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