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					 Guidance for Using Noyce Student Tasks

 Noyce Student Tasks

 This integrated set of mathematics tasks and resources is intended to strengthen the classroom and
 district-level instructional program by promoting ongoing informed reflection about student learning
 and classroom practice. The Noyce Student Tasks are performance tasks and not intended to be merely
 student worksheets. The tasks are an entry point to rich and meaningful student-centered lessons that
 have real-world application. Careful consideration of the resources detailed below along with collegial
 conversations and deliberate planning can lead to classrooms that promote student engagement and
 mathematical reasoning.


 Each task includes six tools and resources, available as separate PDF documents, labeled with the title of
 the task, and a letter to signify the following:

  a   the task itself
  b   the scoring guide for the task
  c   comparison data for the task
  d   a set of unscored student work, organized by student-identifier letter (“student A,” “student B,” etc.)
  e   a few samples of scored student work selected from the unscored student work,
  f   a table listing the scores for all the student work in the set of unscored student work

 Best Practices

 Use collaborative planning time to carefully examine the tools and resources provided for a given task.
 Reflect on each task, and how it supports deep conceptual understanding and promotes the Common
 Core Standards of Mathematical Practice. This table contains some guiding questions you may use.

Teacher Considerations During Planning                    Considerations for Observing Students in the Task
What Standards of Mathematical Practice can this task     What Standards of Mathematical Practice are my
promote?                                                  students demonstrating during the execution of the
                                                          task? Do these match my intentions?

How can I assure that this task will be meaningful for    Which strategies were effective, and what further
all learners?                                             interventions do my students need?

What is the most effective and creative way that I can    What have my students learned from each other as
utilize this task to promote student engagement and       they work on this task? How do I know? How is
enduring conceptual understanding?                        their understanding applicable to the real world?

 Standards of Mathematical Practice:

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