8Gr Math Bundle3 by 5v4CW8


									Name:________________________________________ Date:__________________________

                          MULTIPLE REPRESENTATIONS
                          Choose two (2) from the menu below.

        TEACHABLE FOLDABLE                                BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAY

Create a foldable that you will teach the class     Create a bulletin board that displays the four
how to make. The foldable should                    representations (graph, equation, table,
explain/give examples of the different              solution) to a question.
                                              Must include:
Must include:                                    Fit within the assigned space.
   On an 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper             A title
   A written list of instructions that teach    Includes 10 details
      how to make the foldable                   Uses five different elements (papers,
   Must have both pictures and written             posters, questions, etc.)
      text                                       Color
   A title                                      Must have 1 interactive element that
   Should take 5-10 minutes to create as a         engages the reader
      class                                      Includes examples and non-examples
   Colorful and creative

                GAME SHOW                                          COMMERCIAL
Make a Game Show that quizzes the                   Create a commercial about a product with
audience and contestants about the four             different representations of backing the
representations.                                    product, why the product is the best, why we
Must include:                                       should buy this product, etc.
   An emcee or host
                                                    Must include:
   Must have at least one regular round
                                                       Must be 2-4 minutes in length
      and a bonus round
                                                       Words must make sense
   Must have at least 2 contestants
                                                       Showing different representations of
   Questions includes the four
                                                          data to support product
                                                       Can be presented to an audience or
   Game should be thought provoking
                                                          taped on VHS or DVD
      and entertaining
                                                       Should have props and/or costumes
   Written instructions on the game rules
                                                       Script should be turned in before
                                                          commercial is presented
Check the boxes you plan to complete. All products are due by: __________


   This is a book of foldable ideas:           Example of bulletin boards that could be
ents/FoldablesBook.pdf                          http://www.ehow.com/list_6037828_math
  The project that is turned in should have
  color and catches the reader’s eye.

              GAME SHOW                                    COMMERCIAL

                                               The commercial should be for one product,
  These are examples of the game shows that but the representations should come in when
  are on TV right now for student ideas        they are pitching the project.
  besides the typical jeopardy:

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