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									ENAM CREATIVE WRITING APPLICATION                                                                            Winter 2012

This is an APPLICATION form for courses in the ENAM Creative Writing Program above the 100 level. Please fill out ALL
information requested below

370 may be elected more than once; two 300-level Creative Writing courses are required for ENAM essay or thesis
writers before the essay or thesis project is undertaken. Not all courses above the 100 level are offered each

Your application does not guarantee you a place in a course, but we will give it every consideration consistent with
guidelines for admission. Priority goes to ENAM majors who plan to do a Senior independent project, then to

These forms are due back to Axinn 306 on Friday, November 4, 2011. Students admitted to writing courses will be
notified by email and you must also register for the course through the BANNER registration program in order to be

If you are a freshman, you may not apply for a writing program course unless you have completed a Freshman Seminar
and have completed one 100-level writing course: 170, 175, or 185.

Please PRINT:

(Last name, first name)                           Grad. date (mo./yr.)               I.D. Number

Box: _______              Email: _____________________________

The number of the course you want or section:     1)                ___     2)               ____

Offered Winter 2012:

*ENAM 370A -- Workshop: Advanced Fiction -- (Cohen) Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1:00 – 4:00

*ENAM 380A – Workshop: Advanced non-Fiction – (Bain) Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 1:00 – 3:00

*Prerequisite: ENAM 170, 175, 185

Will you be away next year, or part of next year, in a Middlebury-approved program of study?
If yes, please describe briefly:

Please list your previous Middlebury creative writing course(s), instructor(s), and grades(s); this does not include your
Freshman Seminar. (Example: 170, 175, 185, 370, 375, 380, 395)

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