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									                                    The Baldwin-Wallace College

                  Journal for Research and Creative Studies (JRCS)
Information about the Journal

The JRCS is an on-line journal that fosters intellectual exchange, growth in creative powers, and a spirit
of inquiry among Baldwin-Wallace College students by publication of original research or other creative
works by students or student-faculty collaborators. The Journal’s guiding principle is that building
scholarship is best promoted by active participation in the creation and dissemination of research,
creative writings, and art.

The Editorial Board Members
Dr. Janet Stocks: (Managing Editor)
Dr. Deb Esty: (Editor)
Dr. Jaimey Dyer: (Editor)
Dr. Michael Melampy: (Editor)
Dr. Dennis Miller: (Editor)
Dr. Tom Sutton: (Editor)
Professor Steven Ziebarth: (Editor)
Ms. Samantha Mucha: (Student Assistant Editor)
Ms. Hunter Nicole Block-Beach: (Student Assistant Editor)
Mr. Dani Fribourg: (Student Assistant Editor)
Ms. Molly Gabriel: (Student Assistant Editor)
Ms. Jessica McClarren: (Student Assistant Editor)
Ms. Julianne Mier: (Student Assistant Editor)
Mr. Alan Noll: (Student Assistant Editor)
Ms. Dominique Pen: (Student Assistant Editor)
Ms. Kaytee Tylicki: (Student Assistant Editor)
Ms. Ashley Zacharias: (Student Assistant Editor)

Instructions for Authors
The Editors of the JRCS solicit high quality submissions in the following categories: Traditional
research articles, Review articles, Advocacy pieces, Book/film reviews, Academic reviews and other
creative works such as Film (in digitized format), Videos, Musical pieces, Poetry, and Creative writing.
The JRCS publishes works from a wide variety of disciplines and interdisciplinary works are especially

Current Baldwin-Wallace College undergraduate or graduate students may submit their work for
publication. Faculty members may submit items for publication only if they are co-authors with

Papers submitted to the JRCS may not be submitted to other publishers.

The Journal has a uniform appearance (Fonts, spacing, numbers of columns, etc). Authors are required
to put initial submissions into one of the 3 acceptable formats as part of the review/publication process.
See templates for (1) Science manuscripts, (2) Humanities manuscripts, and (3) Arts and other Creative

Works (free form). Find the templates on the web: Authors
should prepare their initial submission using these templates to expedite the publication process.

Submission/Editing Process.
Authors should ensure that they have the highest quality submission possible by first asking the Writing
Center, faculty and student peers to review and comment on the submission before it is sent to the
Managing Editor. Authors should then email their manuscripts, or other works, to the Managing Editor,
Dr. Janet Stocks: Files larger than 3MByte should be delivered on CD or DVD to Dr.
Stocks’s office in Bonds, Room 205.

The Title Page must include:
The name(s) of the author(s)
A concise and informative title
The affiliation(s) and address(es) of the author(s)
The email address, telephone numbers of the communicating author. Note: Correspondence with
authors may take place year round and therefore authors must submit information that is applicable
during the summer months and after graduation.

Editorial process.
The managing editor receives submissions, distributes manuscripts to the appropriate Section/Student
Editors, and sets review deadlines. Authors will be informed about the editorial assignment of their
submission and their manuscript submission number. Authors will then be given access to the JRCS
Black Board web site, which will be used to expedite the editorial, review and publication processes

Student authors may recommend 2 - 4 unbiased, but expert, faculty and students to serve as peer-
reviewers. These recommendations should be included along with the initial submission.

Section/Student Editors will select reviewers, forward the submissions for peer review, collaborate with
authors and peer-reviewers to ensure quality and accuracy of the content, and convey the publication
decision to the author(s). Each submission is peer-reviewed by at least one professional from the topic
area, as well as one by a student studying the topic. These reviews are rigorous and are intended to
produce a high quality manuscript for publication in the JRCS. The reviews and review process are
comparable to that of professional journals. Our goal is to return reviews within one month of the
submission. Once an author has received reviews s/he has 3 weeks to provide required revisions.

The Managing Editor receives manuscripts accepted by the Section/Student Editors and ensures that the
manuscript is in the correct format for production/publication and publishes the work. Authors will
prepare the article to meet publication standards and review proofs of the article before it is finalized.

The Editors anticipate publishing 2 Volumes per academic year (Spring/Fall). Manuscripts are accepted
year-round, but deadlines will be established to ensure two Volumes are published per academic year.

Please feel free to email Dr. Stocks: if you have any questions. The JRCS Editors are
always pleased to address any concerns and recommendations you may have as your submission is
under review for publication.


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