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									Q UE ST I ON A IR E

W E L C O M E     T O   D E L A P L A I N E   I N T E R A C T I V E :

Delaplaine Interactive, a creative agency, develops new media solutions designed to increase brand value through innovative
technologies, compelling design and flawless execution. Fulfilling the requirements of progressive companies and products
throughout a diverse range of industries, Delaplaine delivers strategic marketing and communications consulting, integrated media
development and deployment, and comprehensive eBusiness engineering. Delaplaine Interactive brings over fifteen years experience
with core competencies in Internet technologies, film and video, 3D animation, and interactive multimedia.

Delaplaine Interactive endeavors to develop long lasting relationships with our clients. We view your successes as our own. We
provide the strategic, creative, and technological resources necessary to help you connect and communicate your customers in ways
that differentiates you from the competition. Thus, we develop products and services that shape the way the world perceives and
interacts with your brand.

Delaplaine Interactive will collaboratively guide you through our process every step of the way. We encourage your participation
throughout the project lifecycle to ensure your satisfaction and achieve maximum results at all times.

We appreciate your consideration and welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Thank you,

John Delaplaine

Delaplaine Interactive would like you to answer a few questions to help us understand how we can help you. Please answer the following
questins as completely as possible.
Please submit your response in the document form provided. Please print, sign, and return the Signature Page via facsimile to: 415-927-1197.
Thank you for selecting Delaplaine Interactive as your marketing partner. We look forward to servicing your needs and your success.
–   The Delaplaine Interactive Team

 Are you currently using the web to market, promote and
 book your client events? (If so, please provide links to current   YES                        NO                        If YES Enter Links
 or past examples)

 Do you use the Internet to allow attendees to register and
                                                                    YES                                                  NO
 pay for event participation?
 Do you use the Internet for post event follow up, evaluation
 and marketing? (If so, please provide links to current or past     YES                        NO                        If YES Enter Links
 Do you provide visual presentation services for your events
 or clients (video, multimedia, etc.)? (If so, please provide       YES                        NO                        If YES Enter Links
 links to current or past examples)
 Please provide a short list of key services or products you
                                                                    Enter text
 provide for your clients
 Do you have any workflow, tracking, collaboration,
 promotion, follow-up or communication challenges with
                                                                    YES                        NO                        If YES Enter Links
 regard to meeting/event management ( please be as specific
 as possible)?
                                                                          Strategic Planning                Film & Video
                                                                          -    Internet & E-business        -    Commercials
                                                                          -    Market & User Research       -    Corporate/Industrial
 What type of interactive service/support you would most like             -    Push Marketing               -    Streaming Video
 to know more about?                                                      Internet & Interactive            3D Animation
                                                                          -    User-centric Design          -    Medical & Technical 3D
 Please list one or more options: Enter text                              -    Active Media Creation        -    Logos & Packaging
                                                                          -    Custom Online Applications   -    3D Web Objects
                                                                          -    CD-Rom & DVD Authoring       -    Prototyping & Visualization

 What is your Website address?                                      Enter Website Address

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Thank you! We will provide you an overview of the group’s responses!
After completing the questionnaire please save this document and return it to johnd@delaplaine.com

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