building your own country by t1l324


									      Building Your Own Country, One Step at a Time

Two important components of our Civics course are to understand how
to be a good citizen and to recognize how our nation works. For our
next major assignment, you have the opportunity to create your very
own country. However, grasshoppers: with great power, comes great
responsibility. Simply declaring a chunk of land yours does not make a
country; many decisions need to be made for optimum development and
longevity. This assignment consists of two parts: understanding the
various aspects of a nation and then applying them to your own creation.

Part 1: Fourteen Elements of a Country

What kinds of decisions are made in the development of a country? How
does a country identify itself? How is a country run? How does a
country deal with its neighbours? Using initial information provided to
you from Valerie Wyatt’s, How to Build Your Own Country, your task is to
explain the deeper meaning behind your given element to the class.
Additionally, you are to provide 1-2 Canadian examples to help
demonstrate your understanding. Ultimately, this short presentation of
ideas will further clarify the decisions you will be making in the
development of your own nation.

     Naming Your Country
     Finding a Population (2)
     Designing a Flag and Choosing a Motto
     Writing a National Anthem
     Setting Up a Government (2)
     Holding Elections (2)
     Writing a Constitution (2)
     Making the Laws
     Serving Your Citizens (2)
     Making Money
     Taking a Holiday
     Who’s Who?
     Joining the Club
     Keeping the Peace (2)
      Record of Information: Class Information

      Based on your classmates’ presentations, record vital information that
      will help you to meet all of the requirements for creating a country.

Elements of A           Explanation/Things to Consider                         Checklist
                                                                               for project

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