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Message from the Principal Sha Tin College


									A Message from the Principal 
'Singin' in the Rain'
More Basketball!
73rd Steinway & Sons Youth Piano Competition
Year 12 Student Leaders
The Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s Stride for a Cure
Hockey Champions 2009-2010
Hong Kong 'Men’s Hockey Team' Visit Sha Tin College
Senior Netball 2009
Congratulations to Natalie Hoe
School Uniform Reminder

                           A Message from the Principal

                           Dear Parents,

                           As we reach the end of the term I would like to take this opportunity to wish all
                           parents, students and staff a happy holiday and festive season. It has certainly been a
                           busy term with much great work going on within our school and I trust that our
                           community will be able to take a well-earned rest and return refreshed for next
                           term, which incidentally begins on Monday 4th January 2010.

Since our last newsletter, just a couple of weeks ago, there have been some excellent events which have
showcased our students’ talents as well as the commitment and support of our staff. In particular I would like
to congratulate all staff and students involved with the recent Sports Day and the “Singin’ in the Rain” musical
production. Both were impressive and very inclusive events.

I look forward to seeing you all next term (and next year!) – please be safe (and warm) over the holidays.

Best wishes,

John Nixon MBE,
Principal – Sha Tin College
'Singin' in the Rain' – Neil Harris, Head of Drama

The school musical production of 'Singin' in the Rain' took place last week, I am sure many of you
either saw the show or heard news of it. This was one of the most challenging productions that we
have undertaken here at the college for a whole host of reasons. Teachers, support staff and students
worked together tirelessly for over two months to produce a version of the musical which was
excellent in so many respects.

The photos capture the fabulous songs and choreography along with some inventive staging and some
pioneering use of technology which resulted in great entertainment for all. Most of all, the students in
leading roles excelled themselves as performers. Superb
diction and timing were needed to make such a comic script
come to life so well. The members of the chorus meanwhile,
as always, became clear characters in their own rights to
prove the theory that on stage there are no such thing as
small roles.

After such a glamorous and successful show, I look forward
eagerly to next year's offering!
More Basketball! – Antony Webster, Faculty of PE

                                                      After much preparation and hard work the A
                                                      grades teams boarded the plane to represent
                                                      Sha Tin and indeed Hong Kong at the ‘Great
                                                      Wall Shoot-out’ at the International School of
                                                      Beijing on Wednesday.

As predicted the competition was extremely stiff. The
girls started proceedings off with a match against
Shanghai American School and lost a nail biting game
by just 1 point! However they gained revenge against
the same team in the playoffs winning by a clear margin.

The following game was another close loss and this was followed by playing three of the biggest
school teams you will ever see! The girls played some gutsy Basketball and were never out of any
game but could not get over the finish line. In the end a 5th place finish reflected their improvement
throughout the tournament. Natalie Chan led the team well and both her and Oona Otobor were
voted onto the ‘All Wall’ team for the best 12 players in the tournament.

                                                    The boys got off to a terrific start and won their
                                                    first two games. The third game proved to be
                                                    decisive however and after leading for most of
                                                    the game, the boys ended up on the wrong end of
                                                    a 5 point loss. This had a big impact on the boy’s
                                                    morale with them getting off to a poor start in
                                                    their game against the American School of Japan,
                                                    and running out with a loss. This meant they had
                                                    a play-off game for third and fourth against the
                                                    Malaysian school they had lost to previously. The
                                                    team rallied from 5 points down in the last 3
                                                    minutes to win by 2 points, with 14 year old
Matthew Renouf having an outstanding game.

The tournament ended with a big Thanksgiving
dinner with all the competitors and their host
families and prizing giving at the end. The
students were fantastic throughout and were
certainly the most friendly and popular students
who took part and represent the College with
great pride.
Paul Barker, Head of Music

                        73rd Steinway & Sons Youth Piano Competition
                             Whole of China Competition 2nd Prize

Peggy Wu (Year 10 GCSE Music Student) has been award 2nd Prize in this prestigious piano competition which
is a tribute to her dedication and sheer hard work. Keeping it within the family, Brian Wu, her brother has
also been awarded 6th Place in the competition which is a major achievement for a Year 7 student!
                                            Brass Band
Year 7 students were recently offered the opportunity to learn a brass instrument as a contribution to
developing brass playing in Hong Kong. We have had 6 sessions so far and have already played our first
Christmas Carol - on time! We will recommence next term and hope to play our first piece at the Spring
Concert in March.
Year 12 Student Leaders – Margaret Ducie, Head of Senior School

The new Year 12 Student Leaders were appointed to their posts on 10th November 2009. It was difficult to
choose between some excellent candidates but unfortunately there are only 10 positions available per house.
The Student Leaders and Student Council underwent training on Monday 30th November in Sai Kung to
prepare them for their role.

    From Back left: Kent Wong, Ivan Yung, Rachel Robertson, Claire Robinson, Kenny Won, Erika Halili,
                        Emma Rossiter, Aska Mertens, Beverley Nam, Charmain Li

        From Back left: Michelle Dang, Andrew McNicol, Kevin Yuen, Michael Harman, Jack Heaton,
            Yashna Chugani, Cameron Tucker , Jamie Choy, Francesca Hooper, Kimberley Kok
    From Back left: Nicholas Yiu, William Cai, Desiree Mok, Keillian Tai, Murjanatu Marafa, Garesa Au,  
                         Darayus Vachha, Christina So, Minos Lau, Sonia Raphael 

    From Back Left:  Catriona Leven, Jade Li, Boris Lo, Katlyn Yip, Shannen Li, Jason Ng, Raoul Hodgson,  
                                  Purple Law, Natalie Hoe, Bernice Kong 

    From Back left:  Chris Wang, Sydney Robertson, Samantha Ngan‐Kee, Francis Tsui, Elaine Zhao,  
                             Claudia Pilz, Myles Pyne, Sam Cho, Brian Siu 

    From Back left: Claudia Tse, Helen Hawgood, Michael Ng, David Lau, Jonathan Poon, Robin Cho,  
                              Tracy Tse, Tom Elias, Erica Cheng, Jason Chi 
The Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s Stride for a Cure – Sarah Preston, Head of Science

I am delighted to report that once again Sha Tin College participated in this worthy event. Students
in Year 12, as part of a CAS project coordinated the school’s involvement. Two of the students in
that team, Charmain Li and Desiree Mok, have written an article which celebrates and describes the
events of that day.

                                                                       “‘The Red balloons dotted
                                                                       the sky as a chilly breeze
                                                                       blew over the football
                                                                       pitch of Hong Kong
                                                                       International School. It was
                                                                       November 30th 2009, a
                                                                       cool Sunday where the
                                                                       Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s
                                                                       Stride     for    a    Cure
                                                                       walkathon took place.
                                                                       With         over       2500
                                                                       participants and a target of
                                                                       HK$ 3million, all funds
                                                                       raised go towards local
                                                                       cancer research, including
funding research for the Epstein Barr Virus and the Hereditary Gastrointestinal Cancer Programme
among others.

Over 270 Sha Tin College students and teachers took part in the walkathon. As a school, we raised
over one hundred and thirteen thousand Hong Kong dollars, winning the trophy for the school that
raised the most money yet again.

Overall, Stride for a Cure was a
success. Many Sha Tin College
students were heard singing loudly
during the walkathon, seen sunbathing
on the football pitch and stealing other
people's    balloons.      But     most
importantly, we all contributed to
raising cancer awareness and helped
fund cancer research groups such as
the Hong Kong Nasopharyngeal
Cancer Study Group.

Big thanks to all the Year 12 student
project organizers of 2009: Nicholas
Yiu, Charmain Li, Paul Chen, Desiree
Mok, Kevin Teng, Tracy Tse, David
Chan, Katlyn Yip, William Cai, Erica
Cheng, Howard Kwok, Erika Halili, Corley Zhang, Rebecca Rainer, Daniel Han, Ting Yee Lai, and
Brian Siu. We would also like to thank Ms Preston for initiating and continuing this traditional charity
event in our school, which, without her generous support, would not have been the meaningful and
fun-filled day Sha Tin College students know it to be.”
Hockey Champions 2009-2010 – Debbie Hanley, Teacher of PE


This month Sha Tin College Senior Hockey Girls competed in two exciting competitions which saw
both Division 1 and Division 2 teams play superbly against some very strong opposition. Opponents:
Coach: Arif Ali & Miss Hanley Umpire: Sky.

Senior Girls Division One

The competition was going to be fierce between all schools involved, many of which contained one
or two Hong Kong players.

The Pool matches were drawn which resulted in some very tightly fought encounters with KGV,
WIS, IS coming through to the play-off stage. Sha Tin College battled it out eventually winning 1st
place in their pool. We then had to face our biggest rivals KGV in the finals. After 15 minutes of
observing Lottie Myrans (GK) dived all over the ‘D’, in an attempt to save every brutal shot taken by
KGV’s Centre Forward (HK player). At the same time our defenders Chloe Doran, Chloe Wei,
Diana Or, Angel Lee and Adrienne Chan spent most of the game ducking to protect their teeth. They
fought hard to keep out the goals and constantly broke away to create opportunities for our
forwards Xantha Leatham, Hannah Leonczek and Rachel Erwin. Both teams gave an excellent overall
team performance, but Sha Tin College gave that little bit extra, winning the competition on penalties

Players: Rachel Erwin, Xantha Leatham, Hannah Leonczek, Chloe Doran, Lottie Myrans, Adrienne
Chan, Yoki Li, Sabrina Soin, Lizzie Else, Angel Lee, Diana Or, Angela Tse, Anissa Lam, Celeste Cheng,
Christie-Anna Ozorio.
Senior Girls Division Two

The team played controlled, disciplined Hockey and deservedly took 2nd place in their tournament
held last week at Happy Valley. We witnessed some excellent defending from Sum Sze Tam (Y11)
and also Dana Chan (Y11), who won ‘player of the tournament’. We mainly held possession of the
ball throughout our games; whilst our forwards Melody Mak, Ridha Jawad & Jennifer Hemmings
battled on to earn enough points to secure our place. A fantastic team effort from all, well done!


Players: Jennifer Hemmings, Sum sze Tam, Francesca Li, Ridha Jawad, Julie Chan, Janice Wang, Helen
Zhang, Victoria Cadman, Nicola Lucas, Zita Leung, Sarah Park, Dana Chan, Sinhu Nanthakuma,
Melody Mak.

Congratulations to Sha Tin College on an excellent team performance!

Hong Kong 'Men’s Hockey Team' Visit Sha Tin College – Debbie Hanley, Teacher of PE

                                                    This month Sha Tin college had a surprise visit
                                                    from the Hong Kong Mens Hockey team just
                                                    before they were due to Play China in the East
                                                    Asian games competition. The visit was
                                                    coordinated by Arif Ali who is an international
                                                    player and has been working closely with our
                                                    Hockey team, coaching the girls over the past
                                                    year in his quest to find new talent and
                                                    promote the game. They ran a series of
                                                    workshops on our roof for our senior students
                                                    and even demonstrated their talents. Finally
                                                    they finished the session with a mini
competition between HK v's STC where obviously....... STC won!

We would like to thank Arif and the team for coming in and also Congratulate them on the success
at the East Asian games where they proudly took the BRONZE medal.
Senior Netball 2009 – Jane Parry, Head of Arts/PE Faculty

We have just come to the end of another HKSSF Netball season. The Senior Netball teams have been training
and playing matches every Wednesday since September. The girls have played some great Netball and have
gone from strength to strength throughout the season. The A and B Grade teams both finished a
commendable 7th place out 16 schools. The A2 team had an excellent season and after beating French
International in the playoffs they went on to win the league!

A big thank you to all those students who have competed in the Senior Netball competition this year and an
extra special mention to the following Year 13 students who have now played their last season of competitive
Netball for Sha Tin College –

Xantha Leatham, Chloe Doran, Hannah Leonczek, Alison Luk, Melissa Lam, Wendy Lo and Arlene Zhao.

Thank you for all your years of commitment to sport at Sha Tin College. Next term will see the Years 7, 8 and
9 students taking part in the HKSSF Junior Netball league so watch this space!

Congratulations to Natalie Hoe – John Nixon, Principal

                     Natalie Hoe in Year 12 recently performed the second movement for Mozart’s clarinet
                     concerto accompanied by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra at the Cultural
                     Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui in front of a very large audience.

                     Natalie, a Hong Kong and Sha Tin College Young Musician of the Year winner,
                     performed this moving and very famous piece flawlessly. Congratulations to Natalie for
                     an outstanding performance. We are very proud of her.
Printing – Joanne Letters, Vice Principal

At the College we are always looking at ways in which to streamline the use of our resources. Over the past
few months we have been looking into how students make use of the printing facilities in school and in
particular how the printer in the library is used. We have recently purchased some software which can
monitor printing and our plan is that after the Christmas break we intend to use this software to monitor and
charge for printing in school. All students will be provided with a budget depending on which year group they
are in. If they use their budget within the year they will have to “top up” in the general office before they can
print any further within the school campus.

The allocations for Year Groups are as follows:
Years 7 – 9:     $10 - equivalent to 20 pages black and white print
Years 10 – 11: $40 - equivalent to 80 pages black and white print
Years 12 – 13: $125 - equivalent to 250 pages black and white print

Printing will be charged at cost; 50 cents per sheet for black and white and $4 per sheet for colour.

As we move towards a greater integration of technology in our teaching and learning and increased use of on-
line drop boxes and e-portfolios we would anticipate the need for printing in the future is likely to diminish. In
the meantime we would like to encourage all of our students to be environmentally aware and think before
they print!

School Uniform Reminder

To combat the cold during the winter season there is a school uniform combination of a fleece jacket,
sweatshirt, cardigan, scarf and track pants available for sale at the Uniform Shop. PE hoodies are available for
PE and sports events only. We are expecting more cold weather in January and February next year so do pay a
visit to our shop which is located on the first floor of Sha Tin Junior School.

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