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          WORD 4—Creating a Document with a Title Page,
                 Table, Chart, and Watermark

   1. What are the five General Project Guidelines?
        a. ______________________________________________
        b. ______________________________________________
        c. ______________________________________________
        d. ______________________________________________
        e. ______________________________________________
   2. What three things do you need to make sure you do to design an eye-
        catching title page?
           a. ______________________________________________
           b. ______________________________________________
           c. ______________________________________________
   3. Define SmartArt graphics: ____________________________________
   4.   The six kinds of SmartArt graphic types are _________________,
        __________________, ____________________,____________________,
        ___________________, and _____________________.
   5.   The SmartArt Styles gallery allows you to ____________________________
   6.   A _____________________ is a light gray duplicate image that appears on
        the lower right edge of a character or object.
   7.   A _____________________ is text or a graphic that is displayed _________
   8.   Use the _____________________________, to display formatting applied
        to text. (WD 248).
   9.   All Word documents have at least _____________ section. A Word
        document can be divided into ______ ___________ of sections. You will
NAME: ________________________________________ DATE: _________________________________

      create a new section if you need to change the ___________________,
      ________________________, page alignment, _____________________,
      page orientation, __________________________, or contents or position
      of headers.
   10.A _____________ prints at the top of each page in the document and a
      _______________ prints at the bottom of each page. (WD 257)
   11.To apply a List Style to a table, click on the _______________________
      gallery on the Design Tab.
   12. An embedded charting program in MS Word called __________________,
      allows you to easily chart the data in a table.
   13.Define legend. _________________________________________________
   14. Character Formats emphasize ____________________________________
   15.A Word table is a ____________________________________________.
      The intersection of a row and a column is called a __________. (WD 279)
   16.To create a more complex table in Word, use the _____________________
   17. Table wrapping wraps the text around a table instead of displaying the text
      _______________ and ________________ the table. (WD 284).
   18.When you make a series of cells in a table join together to become on large
      cell, you are __________________ the cells. (WS 287)
   19. How would you remove shading from a cell? ________________________
   20.To insert a blank line above a paragraph in a proposal, press
      ____________+ _________. (WD 290)

   Remember • Keep this study guide for
                 future reference.

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