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									     Creating a press release
     Writing an effective news release will increase the likelihood that your
     company news gets published. This checklist will take you through the
     step-by-step process of putting together a press release.

     A press release is a written statement to the media. It announces a
     newsworthy item, such as scheduled events, staff appointments, awards, new
     products and services, sales accomplishments, etc.

     1      Is your news actually newsworthy? Bear in mind that what
            you consider interesting may not be of interest to the general
            public. Your news should comply with 3 criteria: new; true;
            and interesting.

     2      If you don’t have newsworthy news, then create some. Ask a
            celebrity to open your new store or attend your new product
            launch. Or write a trends article about your industry.

     3      Use a targeted approach to distributing your press release,
            don’t send it out randomly. Know which editors to target and
            send it to them personally.

     4      Write an eye-catching headline and introduction to catch an
            editor’s attention. Tailor your message to different media by
            changing these up.

     5      For printed media try to supply a good quality, high resolution
            image to accompany the press release. Provide a caption for
            this image, especially if it contains people.

     6      Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation carefully. If
            you aren’t confident in your writing abilities, pay a
            professional to write your release for you.

     7      Include the name, email address and phone number of a
            contact person. Respond to media queries promptly.

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