Creating a �What is Malaria by t1l324


									Creating a “What is Malaria?” board

   1. Make your background. The painting of the body that you see in the photos was
      recycled from another display we had used. The painting is on a cork bulletin
      board so that we could stick thumb tacks in it.
   2. Gather your facts. You’ll be able to find the basic information you need with a
      quick search for “malaria symptoms,” “life cycle of malaria,” or other similar
      keywords. Our board had two parts:
          a. Symptoms
          b. Progression of the illness

   3. Break the progression of malaria down into 5 or 6 simple “steps.” Our board
      started with a card that said “Basically, malaria is a parasite that destroys red
      blood cells. Here’s how it works:” then continued with a separate card for each
   4. Print out the symptoms and steps, and then cut them apart.
   5. Use thumb tacks to pin the symptoms to the board on or near the parts of the
      body that they correspond to
   6. Pin the steps in order around the outside of the body

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