5th grade structures in art by nXCwt2Ts


									                                                           Livingston County Curriculum Document

SUBJECT: VISUAL ART                                                                                                          Grade: 5
Big Idea: Structure in the Arts
Understanding of the various structural components of the arts is critical to the development of other larger concepts in the arts. Structures that artists use include elements and
principles of each art form, tools, media, and subject matter that impact artistic products, and specific styles and genre that provide a context for creating works. It is the
artist's choice of these structural components in the creative process that results in a distinctively expressive work. Students make choices about how to use structural
organizers to create meaningful works of their own. The more students understand, the greater their ability to produce, interpret, or critique artworks from other artists,
cultures, and historical periods.

Academic Expectations
1.12     Students speak using appropriate forms, conventions, and styles to communicate ideas and information to different audiences for different purposes.
1.13     Students make sense of ideas and communicate ideas with the visual arts.
1.14     Students make sense of ideas and communicate ideas with music.
1.15     Students make sense of and communicate ideas with movement.
2.23 Students analyze their own and others' artistic products and performances using accepted standards.
 Duration                               Program of             Essential Questions              Critical Vocabulary             Introduced      Assessments             Resources
(amount of        Core Content         Studies (POS)                                                                                 (I)       (Include dates            (Include
   time)           4.1 (DOK)             Skills and                                                                             Reinforced for GRADE,                   field trips
                                         Concepts                                                                                   ( R)        GMADE and               and books
                                                                                                                                 Mastered        Thinklink             required to
                                                                                                                                    (M)            testing               be read)

               Students will           Visual Arts          How are the elements applied      elements of art                        R
               analyze or explain      AH-5-SA-S-VA1        in creating works of art?         principles of design
               elements of art and     Students will        How are the principles of         2 dimensional
               principles of design    recognize and        design applied in using works     3 dimensional
               in works of art.        describe elements    of art?
                             DOK 3     of art (line,        How are works of art created
                                       shape, form,         using the art elements?
               Elements of art:        texture, color)      How are the elements of art
   Line, Shape,         and principles of     and principles of design used
   Form, Texture        design                in creating 2 and 3
   and Color            (emphasis,            dimensional art work?
   (primary and         pattern, balance,
   secondary hues)      contrast) using
   and color            visual art
   schemes (warm,       terminology
   cool, neutral -
   black, white,        AH-5-SA-S-VA2
   gray, sometimes      Students will use
   brown/beige as       the elements of
   earth tones)         art and principles
Principles of design:   of design in
   Organization of      creating artworks
   visual               independently
   compositions:        and with others
   Emphasis (focal
   point), Pattern,     AH-5-SA-S-VA3
   Balance              Students will
   (symmetry),          explore, describe
   Contrast (e.g.,      and compare
   black/white,         elements of art
   rough/smooth)        (e.g., line, shape,
                        form, texture,
AH-05-1.4.2             primary and
Students will           secondary colors,
identify or describe    color
how an artist uses      schemes/groups)
various media and       and principles of
processes.              design (e.g., focal
               DOK 2    point, pattern,
Media (plural) /        balance, contrast)
medium (singular):      in a variety of 2
(used to produce        and 3
artworks)               dimensional
Two-dimensional -       artworks
crayon, pencil,
paint, fabric, yarn,    AH-5-SA-S-VA4
paper                   Students will
Three-dimensional -     apply
clay, papier-mâché      organizational
                          structures and
Art processes:            describe what
Two-dimensional -         makes them
drawing, painting,        effective or not
fiber art (e.g., fabric   effective in
printing, stamping),      communicating
collage                   ideas
Three-dimensional -
pottery, sculpture,
fiber art (e.g.,
constructing with
fiber, weaving,
Subject matter:
(e.g., landscape,
portrait, still life)

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