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									  Finding a Place to Live

       Housing Group
 Northamptonshire Learning
 Disability Partnership Board
Thursday 25th November 2010
The Learning Disability
Partnership Board have 9
things about Housing
in their plan for 2010 and

Today, we are going to tell
you about the work that
  has been done so far on
  these 9 things
The range of housing & support for adults with learning
       disabilities in Northamptonshire (NI145)

   Supported Adult Placement
Accommodation       8%    Sheltered housing
      6%                         1%

                                                       Registered care
      Settled with                                          36%

  Tenant -                                                           Registered nursing
                                                 Family/friends as
   Private                                                                   1%
           Tenant - LA/RSL Owner/Occupier       a short-term guest
     9%                         2%
                12%                                     0%
Examples of how we support people

                  Residential Homes
                  Around 500 people
                 costing £46,000 each

                  NHS Re-provision
               Around 90 people costing
                    £14,500 each

                   Supported Living
                  Around 300 people
                 costing £4,000 each
                The Housing Plan
We said                           We did
• Northamptonshire will have
  a co-produced housing plan
  to support people to meet
  their housing needs by
  October 2010.
• People with learning
  disabilities, including young
  people and their family
  carers will have led the
  development of the plan.
We want to have real choice, have
access to the same housing as other
people, find information we
understand & get support to help us
create our dreams. We want to jointly
lead on this in a planned way

         The Vision
This is what the Housing Plan says...
• Experience real choice about how & where we
• Have the same range of options as others do
• Find accessible information about our housing
  options, the rules & our responsibilities
4 areas we need help with are

                  possible for

                     Making a
                    decision &
       How we want this to work
  Expanding our         What’s possible
     Options            for me – in detail

1. Learn about ways     1. Decide my needs &
   of living               where to live
2. Try these out        2. Find out about
                           costs & help to
3. Learn life skills
                           support me in my
4. Find out who can        new home
   help us
                        3. Find help to work
5. Find information        through this & make
   about options           a decision
       How we want this to work
      Making a          Living Happily in
 decision & moving         my new home
                        I will need help to:-
1. Decide where I
                        1. Settle in
   want to live
                        2. Make friends with
2. Find someone to
                           my neighbours
   help me to plan
   this &               3. Look after myself
                           and my new home
3. Help me move
                        4. Get involved with
                           my community
                        5. Feel safe in my
                           home & outside
Some actions we want to happen
      1. Local Housing Authorities to be our main
         source of help about housing
      2. Create a Community Housing Network
         (countywide) where we can work together to
         create our housing desires
      3. Review the housing desires of people with
         learning disabilities known to Social Services
         (around 1500 people)
      4. Produce a guide about housing options,
         responsibilities & rules
More actions we want to happen

      5. Use the website to support this work and
           make it accessible to others
      6. Create a housing awareness programme to
           help people with learning disabilities, and
           those that support them, to learn more
      7. Create a step by step guide to support people
           to meet their housing desires
      8. Create a housing ‘try out’ programme to help
           people ‘try out’ various ways of living
More actions we want to happen
        9. Create Community Connector roles to
             help us make friends with neighbours &
             settle into our new community
        10. Create a training programme to help all
             colleagues help us sensitively
        11. Make a list of the housing solutions we
             wish to create with housing providers
        12. Find new ways of finding money & help
             to make all these things happen
                   The Plan
We said                    We did
• Housing commissioning    •Proposed models for
  objectives and a         meeting local needs
  commissioning plan for   •Proposed costs and
  2011 onwards will be     suggested funding
  agreed by December       sources
We said                   We did
• People will know about • Getting a Life
  the choices they have     Leadership Programme
  and there will be a       – session on housing
  range of new            • Transitions Education
  information and ways of   teaching module
  working that are easily • Mencap housing event
  available and             – December
We said                      We did
• There will be more staff   •200 staff trained in
  who know about             residential settings
  housing options across     •75 individuals engaged in
  children’s and adults      Housing Plan
  services and housing       •Teaching module
We said                    We did
• Information about        • Interactive house at
  telecare and community     http://www.northamptonsh
  equipment will be
  readily available and      Equipment.aspx
  accessible.              • Equipment and Adaptations
                             link to
                           • To become the Sensory,
                             Equipment and
                             Rehabilitation Team (SERT)
We said                  We did
• All people living in   •All will be discharged from
  campus (89) will be    NHS care by end October
  settled in their new   •All due to be in settled
  homes by December      accommodation by mid
  2010.                  December
                         •Closure Report due to
                         Partnership Board January
We said                       We did
• There will be 5% less       • Care Services Efficiency
  people living in              Delivery (CSED) recommend
  residential care, this is   • 125 less residential
  24 people.
                              • Work in progress to improve
                                the cost effectiveness
              Your own home
We said                   We did
• 24 more people will     • CSED recommend
  own or rent their own   • Project to work with people,
  home and live in          families and professionals to
                            help people to live in the
                          • Work with Local Housing
                            Authorities and providers to
                            create new community
                            based housing provision
          Person Centred Plans
We said                     We did

• People’s housing needs    • 87 people from the
  will be written down in     Campus re-provision
  their assessment and        have a housing support
  person centred plans.       plan
                            • 54 people from Mencap
                              re-provision will have
                              plans by March 2011
                            • 200 staff trained
• Top 3 priorities
  – Creating teaching model
     • Young people
     • Parent carers
     • Professionals
  – Community Housing Network
  – Adopting and launching Plan
     • Customer Conference, 25th January 2010
          Questions for today
• Do you agree with the idea of creating a
  Community Housing Network?
• Do you agree that partners should be asked to
  support the Plan?
• Should we continue with the Implementation
  of the Housing Plan?
  – Work on Choices, Knowledge and Your Own Home
Any questions?

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