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									                    Central Federal Lands Highway Division           Baseline Project Schedule
                    12300 W Dakota Avenue
                    Lakewood Co, 80228

                         BASELINE PROJECT SCHEDULE

       The planned dates for performing scheduled activities and planned dates for
       meeting schedule milestones. Project schedule development is an iterative process
       and determines the planned start and finish dates for project activities. Duration
       estimates and resource estimates are reviewed and revised to create an approved
       project schedule that can serve as a baseline against which progress can be
       tracked. Schedules are revised throughout the project as work progresses, the
       project management plan changes, and anticipated risk events occur or disappear
       and/or new risks are identified.
 Responsible Branch: Project Management
 Perform: Project Manager with Cross Functional Team
 Review: Cross Functional Team
 Coordinate: Project Manager or Volunteer
 Assist: Cross Functional Team
      Scoping Report
      Project Agreement
      Statement of Work
      Work Breakdown Structure
 Deliverable: Baseline Project Schedule
 Next Step in Project Initiation Process: CFT Work Plan

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