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									Collaborative Workflow Management with
Alerts: An Integrated Retailing System for
             Garments Brands

    Donald S.F. Wong           Dickson K. W. CHIU
   Department of Computing,       Senior Member, IEEE
    Hong Kong Polytechnic       Dickson Computer Systems
          University                    Hong Kong
     Introduction: Online Garment Shops
    Unlimited capacity
    Corporation contact points
    Virtual showroom
    Logistics integration
    Problem
         customer interaction, collaboration, consultation
         update time for new products is quite long (models vs. product photo)
         products are not updated based on the seasons but on the last of stocks
         size and color of the garments are not fixed or standardized among
          different brands
         outlook different between the model wearing the products and the
          customer wearing the same product => consultations required

    IRS workflow
    collaboration                                                     ICEBE 2007-2
     Introduction: Traditional Garments Retail
    Retail shops in prime business areas
    Salesperson: professional product consultation + promoter
    CRM: Personal contact
    Problem
         High operating cost
         Capacity
         Quality of the salespersons – training, experience…
         Backend support
         Manual process integration

=> Can we have a solution with both advantages?

    IRS workflow
    collaboration                                               ICEBE 2007-3
     Solution Overview
    Integrated Retailing System (IRS)
         Unified platform - simplify and integrate the retailing process in both
          traditional and electronics retailing
         Collaborative workflow and facilitate the information and process
         Create more sales opportunities for the garments brands
         CRM
    Alert Management
         Manage messaging, resending, routing, logging, etc.
         Process monitoring

    IRS workflow
    collaboration                                                  ICEBE 2007-4
    Stakeholders of Integrated Retailing


    Customer              Internet

                                                   Integrated Retailing System
                                                   Servicet Staff

   Administrative Staff

                               Accounting Staff
IRS workflow
collaboration                                                             ICEBE 2007-5
            Use Case Diagram of Integrated Retailing
                                                           Send the membership information

                                                                  Send the confirm of the
                                                                  recommended order
                                                                                        Release new product
                                                 Send recommendation request            information
                             Retail Shop         (If customer select the
                                Sales            recommendation services)                            Administrative
                                  Process recommendation                                                 Staff
Measure the body size             request
in the retail shop and
create membership      Confrim the                                                                  Send Retail Shop
                       recommended order           Make Order Online                                Sales Bonus Information
                                                                                                    (Success recommended order)
                                                                             Integrated Retailing
                                                      Confrim the order          System Staff
                                                                                                         Process Customer Order

                                                             Send personalize email promotion

                           Customer                                                 Update the WebSite

                                                                          Payment                         Accounting Staff

        IRS workflow
        collaboration                                                                                        ICEBE 2007-6
            System Architecture
                                                                        The In
                                                                       contro grated Ret
                                                                             l the u          a
                 Customer use the internet browser to                                pdate iling System
                 view the productand order online                                            of the
                                                                         Process the                       Web S
                             Internet                                    online ordering                     System
                                                          Web Server                                 tailing       he
            The Integrated Retailing System send the retail shop                       te gra ted Re esflow for t          Customer Database
                                                                                The In the messag ation
            recommendation to the customer through Email                                l               ul
                                                                                  contro ional cons
                            1.Receive the professional consulation request         profes
                            2.Send the recommendation for the order
                                                                                              Integrated Retailing System Server
                                                                                                  The backend office use
                            * The messages is transfer through the secured channel
Customers                                                        Web Services Server the integrated retailing
                                                                   Online Retailing               system to update the
                                                               Professional Consulation web site, and control                Stock Database
                                                                                                  the messages flow of
                                                                                                  professional consulation

             Retail Shop Computer Network
                                                     Web Mail Server
                                                                                          Backend Office Computer Network

       IRS workflow
       collaboration                                                                                                ICEBE 2007-7
      Alert Conceptual Model
Order Request
                                     IRS Tasks
                                                    1                                1..*    Alert

                       Order Task             Administrative   1
                                                 Tasks             require    1..*


                                          1                                                     0..1
                                    Services        1
                                    Provider                                                 Response
                                                          Capability Profile
                                                    1                                0...n

  IRS workflow
  collaboration                                                                                ICEBE 2007-8
    Urgency Level Description
Urgency Level         Action

Before Deadline (3)   The task should finish as soon as possible.

Near Deadline (2)     The task is near the deadline. Reminder is sent to
                      the corresponding staff and the manager. The
                      IRS also highlights the task for reminder.

Over Deadline (1)     The task is already overdue. Alert is sent to the
                      staff and supervisor via SMS and email for
                      immediately action.

IRS workflow
collaboration                                                  ICEBE 2007-9
    IRS and AMS Mechanism

                                                   Alert Management System (AMS)
Process          Collaborative Online
                   Order Modules        Incoming
Request                                 Alert            Incoming Alert
                   Product Update
                                        Incoming Alert
                                        Response         Alert Process
                                                           Modules                    Database

                                                         Outgoing Alert
                          Outgoing Alert                   Monitor
                          Response       Outgoing                                  Alert Definition
                                         Alert                                        Modules
             System Workflow Modules

IRS workflow
collaboration                                                                         ICEBE 2007-10
    Sample user interface for customer
    recommendation request

IRS workflow
collaboration                        ICEBE 2007-11
    Workflow for Customer Recommendation
                   IRS recieves online               IRS creates alert for the
                request from the customer                customer order

                                                       IRS checks the tasks

                                                                                 Not due but still in
                            Task is already                                      the schedule
                                                                      Task not yet

                                                                    Due or Overdue
                                     current alert                             current alert
                                      level = 1                                 level =(2, 3)

                                                                           Rise the alert level to
                                                                                  level 3
                     Rise the alert level to
                            level 2

                                                      Update the IRS user interface
                 Update the IRS user Interface                                                 Search for manager in
                                                      and highlights the task in red
                and highlights the task in orange                                                 the sasme level

                     Send the email to the             Send the SMS and email to              forwards the alert to the
                      corresponding staff            corresponding staff and manager                 manager

IRS workflow        Set the next check time
collaboration       and listen for response                                                                               ICEBE 2007-12
    Workflow of updating Customer
                                                                  Customer make

                                                            IRS detects any body size
                                                            changes with the customer

                                                      body size change
                                                                           no change
                                                      in the order
                        IRS notify to the sale that
                       customer body size change

                        Sale verifies the new body
                          size with the customer

                Customer discard
                the body size change
                                         Customer confirm
                                         the body siz echange

                     Update the customer new body
                      size to the customer database

IRS workflow
collaboration                                                                           ICEBE 2007-13
    Workflow for Website Update System

                                              New Product arrived and
                                            entered to the stock database

                                              IRS detects new product
                                              arrived, create a new task

                                                IRS checks the tasks

                                        Product Detail           Product Detail
                Raise the alert level   not yet entered          Entered
                (same as figure 11)

                                             Update with the WebServer
                                             to display the new product

IRS workflow
collaboration                                                                     ICEBE 2007-14
   Sales process integrated and monitored by the IRS
        Process allocation, process flow, and the process alert
         monitoring - AMS
        Data integration: customer, inventory, …
   More personalized services to customers
        Backend knowledge support for salespersons - customer
         previous transaction records and body information
        Part-time and off-duty salespersons can participate –
         commission bonus
   Timely website update / monitoring

IRS workflow
collaboration                                                 ICEBE 2007-15
    Future Work
   Logistics integration
   More interaction between the customer and the
    salespersons, e.g., chat room
   Generating the imaging of the selected clothes with
    the photograph of the customer
   Data mining – marketing, CRM, …
   Expert system for automatic consultation
   Detailed performance evaluation of the system
   Use questionnaires to evaluate the satisfaction of
    various stakeholders
   Security and privacy issues
IRS workflow
collaboration                                     ICEBE 2007-16
   Question and Answer

                    Thank you!

IRS workflow
collaboration                                   ICEBE 2007-17

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