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          Berlin,9th March 2012

By Ghassan AIDI
         Hospitality Industry
  Yes our Hospitality sector is an Industry
and an important Industry employing more
            than 60 million and
    contributing about 1000 billion USD
   annually to the Global Economy. This
 Industry will continue its expansion with
various degree following the regions in the
        Hospitality Growth
Current Demand/Supply ratio will help to
 push the performance of our Industry.
Do you know that every day 10 Hotels are
 opened somewhere in the World , IHRA
 statistic show 3000 Hotels are opened
every year. The demand is growing for all
various type of Hotels where Luxury and
moderate type share each one 25% of the
market, the Business type is getting 50%.
Our Hospitality Industry cannot be
regulated completely by standards
criteria as we have several factors that
interfere in our normal operations and
differ all the times that’s make difficult to
regulate and standardize our Industry.
We are always trying to explain this issue
to our consumers .
We have to remember to have a normal
and healthy relations together , we do
have have to respect the importance of
the triangle formed by Investors,
Hoteliers as well as Consumers to
protect each angle of this triangle for
the interest of all.
The consumers with the Help of
Internet is becoming more and more
educated and we need to fight to fill up
our rooms and offer the Consumers
what he needs, we have some
obligations toward consumers and also
remember that we do have some rights
One of the issue involved is the time of Check in and
the time of check out.
Normally a Guest is paying his room in a Daily rate.
The definition of a day is 24 hours.
If we do follow this logic, a Guest who check in at
2h00 In the morning is entitle to stay in his room till
2h00 next day.
And a Guest who check at midnight have the right to
stay till Midnight next day.
This is the Logic
When a Guest check in the rooms has to be cleaned
and ready for full use . This is why Hoteliers have
decide that a time should be indicated for Check in
and check out.
Usually it has been agreed that check out must be
before 12:00 Noon and check in after 2:00Pm to allow
the room to be refreshed and cleaned and be ready
for the next guest.
But Hoteliers are also ready to accommodate the
desire of consumers id he do arrive early morning
and want to leave in the afternoon and the occupancy
of the Hotel do allow that, then there is no problem.
Otherwise a chaotic situation will occur:
Giving the guest 24hours right of stay
without predetermined check in and
check out will lead to a higher
operations cost as all employees should
be working full 3 shifts and will have a
cost incidents also the issue of Noise
where the housekeeping department
need to work also 3 shifts to prepare the
And the major issue will be the
planning for reservation,
planning for sales and
marketing and planning of
occupancy will be very difficult
if not impossible to realize.
For all these reasons check in
and check out time has to be
fixed by each Hotel without any
standards issue but left to the
management of hotel to
determine the best time.
The second issue that I want to
talk about it is the responsibility
of the Hotel and its employee
towards a guest staying at a
A guest in a hotel when he
register and do check in and
give his credit card, he is
entitled to a room with all
related services. This room
space will become private and
not anymore public, as guests
did lease it for a specific time.
As this room is his own space
during his stay he is
responsible to his belongings
as well as the unit itself that the
hotel did consent to lease it to
him except when the
responsibility of Management is
This is why the Hotel
Management has a limited
liability for the guests belonging
in the room if he did not deposit
them in a safe that has been
provided by the Management ,
and under its controle.
The Management also has to
provide in their premises for a
safe if guests feel not
comfortable leaving precious
materials in his room safe. The
Management will be responsible
in this case.
Usually    the Management of the Hotels was liable for any
loss or theft of a guest property.
It differ the legislation between country, Nations and
even cities.
In the USA as an example most Hotels the responsibility
is very limited for belonging. As for Cash, Jewelry ,the
Hotel is required to provide a safe in the room and in the
Lobby or behind the front desk . Also the Management is
required to inform the Guest that they are not liable for
any theft if not deposited at the Hotel safe, and even the
Hotel does not have any liability at all for your belonging
left in room if stolen.
Several Insurance companies
do insist from Hoteliers to limit
their liability for personal
belonging for a limited amount,
the consumers do not
understand fully this issue.
Hoteliers  usually exercise a
very reasonable care for safety
and security of the consumer
specially in correcting a danger
or warning of its existence.
We   also are liable for any
negligence of any of our
employees including but not
limiting to not honoring a
confirmed reservation for a
specific room or for
The  Total Obligations of Hotel
Management is to honor
reservation and the rate given
made by guests regardless of
his sex, color, religion and
citizen as discrimination are not
allowed TODAY in any country ..
The Hotel Management may
deny a guest if he is unwilling to
pay the agreed rate, or guest is
under influence of drugs or
alcohol or if the guest will
occupy the room with a higher
unauthorized capacity.
A very important issue today is the protection
     of Hotels from act of terrorism and
  management of risk to keep guests safety.
  This is an important issues and travelers,
 tourist are keen right now about knowing if
 the Hotel has rules. We did prepare for our
 members some guidelines and major Hotels
   chains has also a special procedures to
         handle management of risks.
The consumers also today became very
      educated about sustainable
    development and climate change
 issues, more and more consumers are
choosing hotels that do care about the
   environment. This is the new trend
since 2-3 years about the choice of the
   consumers, and we do need to care
              about that.
UNWTO, IHRA and UNEP with other
   players did several programs
 concerning this issue just for the
     Protection of consumers,
    Protection of the Hotel and
   reducing the consumption of
  Energy thru its program Energy
         Hotels Solutions.
 Today the consumer request full
  information from the Hoteliers
before his arrival, during his stay ,
 This is a very important issue as
 we already are very transparent
   and most of our Web site and
 brochures give full details about
what the consumers need to know
  The European council do have
    some regulations with Tour
   Operator in Europe to Protect
    consumers in providing full
information and IHRA can discuss
 with UNWTO and Hotrec to have
      similar understanding
2012 will be challenging to our Industry but
      not impossible to get over with it.
The Hospitality Industry as a whole needs to
 become positive and explore our unlimited
  Remember that our Industry is the largest
employer in the History and do employ more
 than 950 million of workers and we are the
last barrier and the major fighter against the
              poverty in the world
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