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					Relevant Skills
Technical Skills:
    A keen understanding of the principles of animations and techniques
    Able to produce quality animation using the process of animation
    Recognize the quality of animation required for production
    Able to create rendered animations or playblasts using Autodesk Maya 2012
    Produced an animation short using motion capture datas and Motion Builder
    Able to create basic MEL and Python scripts in order to finish tasks efficiently

Personal Strengths:
    Able to work and communicate with others in a team-based environment by recieving
      tasks and providing animations that the team needs
    Able to recieve and give constructive criticism in order to improve the quality of work
    Capable of adapting to late changes by completing tasks within limited time
    Develop professional relationship with classmates through humility and maturity
    Dependable and complete tasks on time

Relevant Experience
Co-Lead Animator, Last Life Studios, Vancouver, BC                 July 2011 - December 2011
    Animated both biped and quadruped characters in
      both game play and cinematic for a school project

The Art Institute of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC                          July 2010 - March 2012
    Diploma in Animation Art & Design

      GPA of 3.40                                                 July 2011 - December 2011
      Two MVP awards and Most Outstanding Athlete                      June 2007 - June 2008
      Listed in the A Honor Rolls and Perfect Attendance List     July 2010 - December 2011

                             Reference Available Upon Request

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