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									                         HCDE 231 Assignment 3: Ethics Presentation
Identify a contemporary engineering problem. (This could be the same contemporary issue you discussed
in your memo.) Research this topic and identify one or two ethical issues (situations that involve conflicts
between two or more moral choices) associated with the problem. Then, prepare a PowerPoint
presentation that introduces the problem, the ethical issues, and your recommended action. You will
deliver your 5-minute presentation in class during the 6th week.

The purpose of this assignment is to improve your speaking abilities and prepare you for the
presentations you will give in the workplace. You will learn to research a topic, identify and explore
ethical dilemmas, and make a recommendation. You will also learn how to prepare clear and effective
presentation slides using Microsoft PowerPoint. Finally, you will gain experience delivering a
presentation to an audience of your peers, fielding questions, and receiving performance feedback.

1. Choose a topic. Decide on an engineering problem that is of interest to you. This can be the same
     issue you selected for your contemporary issue report, but you can also explore a completely different
2.   Research the topic. Research the engineering problem. Read articles about the problem and make
     sure you understand the problem thoroughly.
3.   Identify one or two ethical dilemmas. Once you have researched the problem, identify the
     associated ethical dilemmas. Explore these dilemmas in some detail.
4.   Take a position and make a recommendation. “Solve” the ethical dilemma(s) and recommend a
     course of action.
5.   Outline your presentation. Plan your presentation by outlining the main points including
     supporting materials and evidence. Develop transitions to connect main points. Finally, write an
     introduction and conclusion to your presentation.
6.   Prepare your PowerPoint slides. Develop slides to aid your presentation. Follow the principles of
     appropriate slide development and remember to include a references slide at the end.
7.   Rehearse your presentation. Practice your presentation several times to gain comfort with the
     material and this mode of communicating. Practice in front of a mirror or to a group of friends. If
     possible, record yourself and listen to/watch your rehearsal to identify areas for improvement.

Introduction – Your presentation introduction should accomplish three things: (1) gain the audience’s
attention, (2) state your purpose, and (3) preview your main points.

Main Points – When developing each main point: (1) signpost the idea, (2) state the idea, (3) support the
idea, and (4) summarize the idea.

Conclusion – Your conclusion should reinforce your message by: (1) summarizing what was discussed,
(2) stressing the central idea once more, and (3) restating your recommendation.

References – Include a list of references on your last slide.
Grading Criteria Your presentation will be evaluated on (1) content, (2) organization, (3) vocal and
physical delivery, and (4) preparation and use of visuals.
                                  HCDE 231 Ethics Presentation
                                             Evaluation Criteria

Speaker ___________________________ Topic ______________________ Time ________

Category           Excellent                    Adequate                Doesn't Fulfill          Comments
INTRO-      Used an effective hook to     One functional part       More than one functional
DUCTION     create audience interest.     from the “Excellent”      part from the “Excellent”
            Clearly stated purpose.       column was missing or     column was missing or
            Previewed main points.        was incomplete.           was incomplete.
BODY        Described problem and         One functional part       More than one functional
            identified its associated     from the “Excellent”      part from the “Excellent”
            ethical dilemmas in detail.   column was missing or     column was missing or
            Recommended course of         was incomplete.           was incomplete.
            action to resolve ethical
CONCLU-     Restated main ideas.          One functional part       More than one functional
SION        Clearly recommended a         from the “Excellent”      part from the “Excellent”
            course of action/plan.        column was missing or     column was missing or
            Provided closure.             was incomplete.           was incomplete.
ORGANI-     Ideas flowed logically.       Ideas were presented in   Ideas did not flow
ZATION/     Incorporated signposts        a logical order, but      logically and/or the
FLOW/       and transitions.              presentation lacked       presentation lacked
LENGTH      Presentation length was       signposts/transitions.    signposts/ transitions.
            4:30 to 5 mins.               Was 4:20 to 4:30, or      Was under 4:20, or far
                                          exceeded 5:00 mins.       from concluding at 5:00.
SLIDES    Prepared appropriately –        All but one or two        Three or more criteria for
          minimal text, aesthetically     criteria for slide        slide preparation or use
          pleasing, appropriate use       preparation and use of    of slides from the
          of color, font, size.           slides from the           “Excellent” column were
          Used appropriately –            “Excellent” column        not met.
          well timed, maintained          were met.
          audience focus, drew
          attention to slides for
VOCAL     Spoke clearly and loudly.       All but one or two        Three or more criteria for
DELIVERY Maintained a good pace           criteria for vocal        vocal delivery from the
          and rhythm. Modulated           delivery from the         “Excellent” column were
          voice pitch and tone            “Excellent” column        not met.
          effectively. Conveyed           were met.
PHYSICAL Used appropriate facial          All but one or two        Three or more criteria for
DELIVERY expressions, gestures, and       criteria for physical     physical delivery from
          posture. Faced and              delivery from the         the “Excellent” column
          scanned the audience to         “Excellent” column        were not met.
          maintain eye contact.           were met.
                                 HCDE 231 Ethics Presentation
                                         Peer Feedback Form

Speaker __________________________                 Reviewer ______________________________

Describe one strength of this presentation. What      Make one recommendation for improvement.
made it interesting?

What did you like about the PowerPoint slides?        How could the speaker improve his/her
                                                      PowerPoint slides?

What one question do you have?

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