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					Teacher:        Sharon Hogan
Subject:        Personal Finance
Unit Plans:     Resumes

Key Learning: Students will create a Chronological Resume and a Functional Resume for job/career searches.

Unit Essential Question: What are three types of resumes and the purpose for each?

Concept:                           Concept:                       Concept:                           Concept:
Personal Information               Formatting the Resume          Create a Functional Resume         Create a Reference Page
                                                                  and a Chronological Resume

Lesson Essential Questions:        Lesson Essential Questions:    Lesson Essential Questions:        Lesson Essential Questions:

What information is needed         What are the three types of    What is the order information is   Who can you use as a reference?
to create your resume?             resumes presented in this      entered to create a functional
                                   course?                        resume?                            In what order do you list
How should the information                                                                           references on a reference page?
be organized on your               What are the differences       What is the order information is
resume?                            between the three types?       entered to create a                What information needs to be
                                                                  chronological resume?              included in a single reference?
                                   How do you choose the resume
                                   type that is best for you?

Vocabulary:                        Vocabulary:                    Vocabulary:                        Vocabulary:

Brief, concise, employment,        Functional resume,             Functional resume,                 Reference
experience, objective ,            chronological resume, action   chronological resume,
professional, strategic, skills,   words,

Worksheets will be used and collected on a daily basis. Short-term projects/Posters possible.
2 Block Periods for completing resumes.
Teacher:      Sharon Hogan
Subject:      Personal Finance
Unit Plans:   Resumes

Date           Activity
9/10 - 9/11    Resume Information Sheets
9/10 – 9/11    Student Resume Worksheets and Resume Grading Rubric
9/10 – 9/11    Reference Sample
9/10 – 9/11    Resume Example Packet
               Homework: Students are to collect any missing information needed to complete their resumes and
9/10 – 9/11
               reference list by the next class meeting in which they will be typing their resumes and reference lists.
9/12 - 9/13    Computer Lab to type and format resumes

               Students will be required to turn in typed copies of one chronological resume, one functional resume,
               and one list of three references. They will be allowed to make corrections/improvements one time to
9/12 – 9/13    improve an unsatisfactory grade.

               This grade will also be incorporated into the final grade on each student’s senior project.

9/14 – 9/17    Resumes are Due at the beginning of class.

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