ROLE PROFILE by HC12100418144



                      Job Title: Teacher of Business Studies

Overall Purpose: To develop an environment of teaching and learning where all learners can
develop to their maximum potential, producing measurable and qualitative outcomes that
demonstrate the ability of the teacher to transfer learning of their subject to the target group.
To achieve excellence in teaching practice and behaviours.

Responsible to: Director of Faculty and Head of Business

Responsible for: Where applicable, the day to day direction of those staff that contribute to
teaching and learning within the classroom – Teaching Assistants Level 1 and 2.


    1. Development of the Subject and Teaching Practice

               To work as part of the teaching team to implement subject practice which
                reflects the school’s commitment to high achievement, effective teaching and

               To foster a climate of positive attitudes towards the subject and confidence in
                teaching it

               To promote clear, shared understanding of the importance and role of the
                subject in contributing to pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical
                development, and in preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities
                and experiences of adult life

               To use data effectively to identify pupils who are underachieving in the
                subject and, where necessary, work with the learning support team to deliver
                effective plans of action to support those pupils

               To interpret relevant school data, plus research and inspection evidence, to
                inform practices, expectations, targets and teaching methods

               To monitor own progress in achieving subject plans and targets, evaluate the
                effects of own teaching and learning, and use this analysis for improvement

               To be involved in identified initiatives and their monitoring and evaluation

    2. Teaching and Learning

               To secure and sustain effective teaching of the subject for self and learners

               Monitor own curriculum coverage, continuity and progression of the subject
                for all pupils, including those of high ability and those with special educational

               To ensure the implementation of developments and changes required to fulfil
          the requirements of the Key Stage Learning

         Work with other teachers to clarify teaching objectives in lessons, understand
          the sequence of teaching and learning in the subject, and communicate such
          information to pupils

         To be prepared to use innovative and learning based activities to fulfil the
          aims of lessons

         Seek guidance as appropriate on the choice of teaching and learning
          methods to meet the needs of the subject and of different pupils

         Ensure effective development of pupils’ literacy, numeracy, and information
          technology skills through the subject

         Implement clear practices for assessing, recording and reporting on pupil
          achievement, and for using this information to recognise achievement and to
          assist pupils in setting targets for further improvements

         Use information about pupils’ achievements in previous classes and schools
          to secure good progress in the subject

         Meet targets in relation to standards of pupil achievement; establish clear
          targets for pupil achievement and evaluate progress and achievement in the
          subject by all pupils, including those with special educational and linguistic

         Ensure effective development of pupils’ individual and collaborative study
          skills necessary for them to become increasingly independent in their work
          and to complete tasks independently when out of school

         To assist the Head of Department in delivering an effective rewards and
          sanctions policy

         Work with parents to involve them in their child’s learning of the subject, as
          well as providing information about curriculum, attainments, progress and

3. Administration and Environment

         To be responsible for overseeing internal exams, setting and marking papers,
          producing results

         Use accommodation to create and effective and stimulating environment for
          the teaching and learning of the subject

         Access appropriate resources for the subject and ensure that they are used
          effectively, efficiently and safely

         Ensure the effective and efficient management and organisation of learning
          resources, including information and communications technology

         Liaise with support staff in the preparation of display work within the

         Ensure that there is a safe working and learning environment in which risks
          are properly assessed

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