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									                                        Venn Diagrams


Creating a Venn diagram

Definition:   A Venn diagram uses circles to represent sets, with the position and
              overlap of the circles indicating the relationships between the sets.

       A) As a class look at different Venn Diagrams using these websites:


       B) Through class discussion and research create a Venn illustrating the
          relationship of technology education and engineering. (Class Project)

       C) Students create their own Venn diagram using the information they found
          when researching the different fields of engineering. Two students will work
          together on this to create one Venn

Along with the reading assignment the standards covered will be:
      Standard 3: Students will develop an understanding of the relationships among
      technologies and the connections between technology and other fields of study.
              G. Technology transfer occurs when a new user applies an existing
                  innovation developed for one purpose in a different function.
              H. Technological innovation often results when ideas, knowledge, or
                  skills are shared within a technology, among technologies, or across
                  other fields.

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