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					Acquisition Lesson             Topic: Character Trait: Respect, Self-Control, Tolerance, Patriotism
4th Grade Unit Six             Selection Story: My Brother Martin

 Essential Question: How can demonstrating Respect, Self-Control, Tolerance and Patriotism help you to
                     overcome adversities?

 What do students need to learn to be able to answer the Essential Question?
 AP1: Describe how Dr. Martin Luther King demonstrated Self-Control?
 AP2: What is the difference between Self-Control & Respect?
 AP3: What traits to you need to have in order to demonstrate Self-Control?

 Activating Strategy: Have the class make a “Friendship Pizza” using real ingredients or construction paper. Discuss
 how building friendships is much like building a pizza b/c without the right ingredients it won’t turn out to be enjoyable.
      Start with the crust, which is the foundation for speaking kind words to each other (discuss.)
      Next, the sauce, is made of accepting and friendly actions (list on the board, or write on the construction paper.)
 Continue to layer your “ingredients” on the pizza, as students think of new ideas for each layer (toppings)

 Key vocabulary to preview: Respect (Treat others the way you want to be treated) & Self-Control
                            Review Tolerance & Patriotism
 Graphic Organizer: Cause and Effect & Venn Diagram

 Teaching Strategies:
 Instruction: Partner read My Brother Martin. Teacher will model on cause/effect from the story.
 GP: With Partners create a Cause/Effect diagram, using examples from the story.
 AP# 1: From the Cause/Effect diagram student will then write how Dr. King showed Self-Control for

 Instruction: The teacher will define Respect (see above definition) and Self-Control (use Pillars of
 Character sheet.) Giving examples and non-examples of each word.
 GP: The students will break up to form four small groups-two groups are assigned Respect and the other
      two will be assigned Self-Control. The groups will then create written examples of what each trait
      looks like.
 AP# 2: As a class, create a Venn diagram (Respect/Self-Control.) Each group will share their examples
 of what the traits look like. Examples are recorded in the Venn, noting differences and similarities. This
 Venn diagram should answer AP2.

 Instruction: With the class, review the parts in My Brother Martin, highlighting where Dr. King
 exhibited Self-Control.
 GP & AP # 3: Students write a narrative in the Reading Response Log about a time when they had to
 show/exhibit Self-Control, explaining what skills, or traits they used to help them.
 Summarizing Strategy: With the class brainstorm what challenges our county faces
 today. Have the students write their own “I have a Dream” speech discussing the ways
 the above character traits can help them when facing today’s adversities.

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