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Hi ____________. This is (Your Name) with Mary Kay. I’m calling because I received
your entry in my facial box at the (place of establishment) and I was calling because you
won (gift certificate if applicable “and”) a free facial and makeover with me! Isn’t that

First, I have to ask real quick if you are 18 or over? (If not, then explain to her you can
only proceed with her mother’s permission and it would have to be a mother/daughter

Okay, great! Have you ever had a makeover with anyone from Mary Kay before? (If not,
then continue with script. If yes, then ask if she has a current consultant. If she says yes to
this, then kindly explain to her that we do not take customers from other consultants, but
thank you for entering anyways. If she says no, then proceed with script.)

Let me explain real quick how this works. We’ll just get together whenever it’s
convenient for us to do so and I can come to your house or you can come to mine. We’re
going to talk about colors that are good for you based upon the color of your hair, your
skin and your eyes. Then we’ll talk about the kind of look you’d like to achieve whether
it’s a natural, classic or dramatic look. It’s totally free and you’ll definitely learn a lot
about skincare and makeup application techniques so that you can create a really nice
look for yourself every day. You’re more than welcome to share your appointment with
some friends if you’d like also. Any guest you have will receive a gift from me and you
can earn even more money towards product! So how does that sound?!

So, _________ what’s generally better for you, a weekday, weeknight, or a weekend?
(Get her booked first, even if it’s not for a couple of months out and a very tentative

Great, _______. Is sharing your appointment with a few friends and earning some more
money towards product something that would make you happy? (If she says no, then
continue with the script. If she says yes, you can then explain the SHOT program to her.
Also, get her email address and immediately after you get off the phone, send her an e-
invite for the party. Always offer additional incentives for filling out the guest list within
24 hours so you can pre-profile them. Explain the process to the hostess so she
understands the need for the guest list. Remember, you are in control of this appointment.
Do not give control to the hostess, or the appointment will not hold.)

Great. I’ll give you a call a couple of days before our appointment just to make sure that
date and time is still good. And I’ll make sure to bring your gift certificate with me when
I come. I look forward to meeting you then, _____________.

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