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             Club Budget Request Packet

Page 1………………………… Check List
Page 2………………………… Budget Request Process
Page 3………………………… Club Guidelines
Page 4………………………… Things to Avoid
Page 5………………………… Budget Request Form
Page 6………………………… Club Certification
Page 7………………………… Club Purpose
Page 8………………………… Budget Sample Spreadsheet

 If you have any questions about this packet, or club budgets, please call:

                        Vice President of Finance
                             ASUCR Office


                     Clubs and Outreach Accountant
                             ASUCR Office


 READ the ASUCR Budget Packet Sheet and Finance Handbook




 Obtain a Club Roster from SOLAR

 Fill out the Budget request form and sign

 Digitally sign the Certification sheet

 Type the Club Purpose

 Create EXCEL budget (see example)

 E-mail copy of excel sheet to the V.P. of Finance

 Submit 5 copies of budget packet (pages 5-7, and excel budget ONLY)

 Sign up for a hearing BY THE DEADLINE

                                      Page 1
          Budget Request Procedures
Follow these simple steps and be on your way to an ASUCR budget!

 1. Register the club organization at the Student Life Center. (note:
    registration must be renewed annually)

 2. Complete the necessary information on the budget request form, using the
    example provided.

 3. Carefully read and sign the certification in this packet.

 4. Type a brief summary for the club or organization stating its purpose,
    goals, and how it benefits students. Also, please explain why you are
    applying for an ASUCR budget.

 5. Create a spreadsheet listing expenses for the club using the example
    provided. Be specific. Line items such as “miscellaneous expenses” are
    not allowed. Also, handwritten copies are not allowed.

 6. Create a spreadsheet listing income, using the example provided.
    Remember that your income must be at least 50 percent of the club’s total

 7. Please submit an electronic copy of this budget to the V.P. of Finance by
    the same deadline as the budget packets.

 8. Print out an accurate and complete club roster from SOLAR.

 9. Make five (5) copies of items in pages 5 thru 8 (including the roster), and
    staple them in that order.

10. Turn in the five copies to the V.P. of Finance at the ASUCR office.

11. Sign up for a budget hearing at the front desk Clubs will not be allowed
    to request a budget hearing without first completing and turning in the
    packets. Show up on time!

                                    Page 2
                     Club Guidelines
    For clubs inquiring about budgets read this section thoroughly

These guidelines are designed to conserve funds and reduce monetary waste

   Club rosters are required. Submit a current list of active members from SOLAR

   A previous allocation can only increase by 10 percent

   A maximum of $100 for any necessary equipment purchases

   A maximum of $750 net allocation for new clubs

   A maximum of $200 food budget for any club with fewer than 50 members

   A maximum of $300 food budget for any club with 50 to 99 members

   A maximum of $400 food in any budget for any club with over 100 members

   The allowance for film and photo developing is $100 maximum

   The allowance for office supplies is $75 maximum

   The allowance for lodging per night per person     is $75 maximum

   Conference expenses in any budget year are $1,000 maximum. Conference expenses
    include all related registration, lodging, travel, food, and incidentals. All previously listed
    limits apply.

   One culture show is permitted in any budget at a maximum of $1000

   One internal event is permitted in any budget. Internal events include banquets, dances,
    formals, retreats, socials, etc.

   No scholarship funding

   Any fundraising over the income stated above can be used at the club’s discretion.

   60 percent undergraduate membership required for funding

 Clubs cannot be exclusive
Membership must be open to anyone on campus regardless of race, sex, age, or GPA

                                                                                        Revised 12/06

                                      Page 3
                     Things to Avoid
1. Do not sign up for a hearing without turning in the budget packet.

2. Do not turn in a handwritten budget (Spread Sheet & Purpose).

3. Do not turn in less than 5 copies of your budget.

4. Do not turn in your budget packet and sign up for a hearing any less
   than 2 days before the day of the hearing.

5. Do not forget to double check your packet.

6. Do not turn in a budget where the income is not at least half of the

7. Do not turn in a budget that exceeds $750 if you are a new club.

8. Do not turn in a budget that exceeds 10 percent more than your
   previous budget if you are an existing club.

9. Do not be late!

                                 Page 4
Name of Club/Organization: _____________________________________________

Number of Undergraduates: ____________________________________________

Number of Graduates: _________________________________________________

Number of Non-Students: _______________________________________________

Club/Organization (Check one):

 Asking for renewal based on last year’s budget.
 Has never been funded by ASUCR or was not funded the previous year.

If this is a budget renewal application, what was the net allocation in the previous year?

If this is a new application, briefly describe prior funding source(s) and

Does your club/organization receive funding from any other source?
 Yes  No

If yes, attach an appendix to the budget detailing funding amount(s) and group(s)

Funding Amounts:

A. Total anticipated expenses for upcoming year       $_____________
B. Total estimated income for upcoming year           $_____________
C. Amount of ASUCR funds requested (A-B=C)            $_____________

      Line A. should not exceed 3 X's the amount in line C. i.e., if line C. is $700, line
       A. should be no more than $2,100. Also, Line B. must be at least half of Line A.

      Maximum net allocation for new clubs: $750

Group Officers*:
          Name                             Title                     Phone Number

*Please have the President, Vice-President, or Treasurer complete the above section.

                                          Page 5

On behalf of this club/organization, I/we certify that the information provided in this
budget request packet is, to the best of my/our knowledge, true and accurate. All
information has been provided completely.        If funds are to be appropriated, our
organization agrees to use these funds in accordance with the policies of ASUCR in
support of the programs or activities described herein. With the understanding that the
associated students’ vice president of finance, finance committee, or senate may at any
time review and/or adjust the use of such funds by our group, club, service, or

By affixing, in text, my name to this document and submitting it to ASUCR, I attest that
this document was prepared by me and all information is correct to the best of my

_____________________________                     _______________           __/__/__
Name of person completing this form                 Title                  Date

___________________________________                     ___/___/___
Name of Club/Organization President                     Date

                                        Page 6
                            Club Purpose
Please type a paragraph or two about the club/organization telling us the main purpose,
goals, and how the club/organization benefits the students of UC Riverside. Please
include an explanation telling us why the club/organization is applying to ASUCR for a

Typed Information:

                                       Page 7
            Budget Sample Spreadsheet
         This Spreadsheet Can Be Edited Within This Document in Microsoft Word!

                                  20YY-20YY BUDGET

NAME: Student Club
# Of Members:
                                                 Account #: 00000

EXPENSES                            SUB # INCOME                                  SUB #
                                     900                                           800
Office Supplies              $75.00       Vendors                      $250.00
Xerox/Fax                    $25.00       TV Tapings                   $200.00
Meeting Expense             $200.00       Club Dues                    $300.00
Media Resources             $200.00
Registration for events     $500.00
Officers Retreat            $500.00

TOTAL                     $1,500.00                                    $750.00

                          TOTAL NET ALLOCATION                         $750.00

                                        Page 8

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