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					 Causeway Health
    and Social
  Services Trust

Health Promotion Service
        Geraldine McDonnell
 Strategy for the prevention, diagnosis and
treatment of malignant melanoma and other
      skin cancers in Northern Ireland
•To raise awareness of melanoma and its dangers
•To raise awareness of the relationship between skin
cancers and exposure to sunlight
•To increase knowledge of personal protection
measures especially for those caring for children
•To increase numbers of people who believe such
action to be necessary
          •To change behaviour in keeping with Care
          in the Sun
         Target groups
•2004   Children
•2005   Outdoor workers - Farmers 2005
1.    Care in the Sun Puppet Show
•To educate Primary School Children about the
      dangers of sun exposure and how to
      protect the skin from damage, in an
      effective and innovative way
•Key Stages 1 & 2 in 36 primary schools
•2234 children
•CHSST Care in the Sun Group
    & Ulster Cancer Foundation
        •Funding from NHSSB
       Care in Sun Puppet Show

•Puppet Theatre materials developed and
facilitators retained
•‘Percy Piglet’ readers purchased for all children
•Sun teaching packs purchased and distributed
to teachers in KS 1 & 2
•Legionnaire hats purchased to be worn by each
child (matching school uniforms)
•97% teachers felt the initiative would facilitate teaching
Care in the Sun in their school
•94% rated the children’s enjoyment of the performance as
•“The children loved the humour and being interactive with the puppets”
•“The messages were explicit” “Repetition of key messages - the
children remembered them later in class”
•Good idea giving out hat and booklet - brings message home to

                •I think even teachers are now more aware about protection
                from the sun and perhaps ask parents to send in a hat or
                apply sunscreen in the morning and send to school if needed.
2.   Farmer Workers Campaign
To increase awareness of the link between
sun exposure and skin cancer among farm
workers in Causeway area
To encourage safer skin protection practices
among farmers during the summer
To increase awareness about the early signs
of skin cancer and the need for prompt
           Summary of Campaign
•Key sun safety messages delivered to farming
community through dedicated media slots and
•Leaflet outlining reasons for sun protection among
farmers, promoting sun safe practices, and early
detection of melanoma.
•Sun protection kits distributed to 500 farmers
     (Sun block, lip balm, wide brimmed hat,
     polo shirt, key-ring with key message
     and leaflets)
           HEA (1993), The development of a ‘Sun Safe Code’
           Girgis (1994) …increasing outdoor workers use of
           solar protection.
•CHSST Dermatology Dept
•Ulster Cancer Foundation
•Ulster Farmers Union
•Local Young Farmers Clubs

                Linked to Rural Support
•Campaign to run over July and August 2005
•Sun safe messages to reach majority of 110,000
•Specific information to be received by 3,500 farm
workers (approx)
•Sun Protection Kits to be received by 500 farm
•Pre and Post evaluation with 350 farm workers

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