The Pigman by WV05FP


									The Pigman

By Paul Zindel
The Pigman Pre-reading

  The title character (The Pigman) is an
   adult who greatly influenced the lives
     of the two main characters in the
   novel. List the names of three adults
   who have influenced (made an impact
   or difference) your own life. In what
     ways were they influential? What
  changes resulted from their influence?
The Pigman Pre-reading

    Adolescents have many different
    feelings about growing up. What do
     you look forward to in adult life?
  What aspects of adulthood are you not
  sure about? In what ways will you have
     to change in order to carry adult
Think-Pair-Share: Guilt

 1. List all of the words that you
    associate with GUILT.

 2. Using some of the words you listed,
    write a definition for GUILT.
Unit 1 Vocabulary Review:
Match the word to the synonym.

 1.   avocation     a. immature

 2. subliminal      b. hidden, subconscious

 3. repress         c. hobby

 4. infantile       d. horror, mess

 5. monstrosity     e. keep inside
Ch. 4-6 Reader Response
    What are your reactions to John and
     Lorraine’s phone marathon with Mr.
    Would you have taken the money? Why or
     why not?
    What are your first impressions of Angelo
     Pignati at his home? at the zoo?
    What are your impressions of John and
     Lorraine’s home life?
Unit 2 Vocabulary Review:
Match the word to the synonym.
 1.   distort     a. solidified, hardened

 2. compassion    b. sign, premonition

 3. omen          c. twist, bend

 4. congealed     d. humiliated, horrified

 5. mortified     e. crazy, out of control

 6. berserk       f. sympathy, concern
Ch. 7-9 Reader Response

 “A house is not a home” is an old saying.
         What is the difference
        between house and home.

   Think about the places that John,
   Lorraine and Mr. Pignati live. Which
  would you call houses? Which would you
           call homes? Explain.
Unit 3 Vocabulary Review:
Match the word to the synonym.

 1. mangy         a. disturbed

 2. maladjusted   b. rotting, decaying

 3. mooch         c. shabby, dirty

 4. putrid        d. beg, take
Implied Meanings

  Directions: Although John and Lorraine use
     psychological terminology in writing about
      each other, very often they do not fully
      understand these words and therefore
   misuse them. Explain what Lorraine or John
        meant using the underlined word. A
      dictionary definition of the term and a
   page reference from the novel are provided
              to guide your answers.
Implied Meanings
  “She’s (Lorraine’s mother) what the
   psychologists call fixated on the subject (of
   how awful men are in general.” (Chapter 10)
   Fixate: to be persistently attached to some
   person, object or idea.

  “If I didn’t know how maladjusted John is at
   times, I would have simply walked out of
   that house and not spoken to him again as
   long as I lived.” (Chapter 12) Maladjusted:
   unable to adjust properly to the
   circumstances of one’s life.
“The Assassin”

  1.            wife
  2.            lover
  3.            assassin
  4.
                   (list in the order
  5.            most responsible for
                       wife’s death)
Ch. 10-12 Reader Response

     How were John and Lorraine
    affected by the Pigman’s heart
        attack? How does their
   relationship change as a result of
Ch. 13-15 Reader Response

  Imagine that you are either John or
  Lorraine. Write a letter of apology to
   Mr. Pignati in which you explain why
   are you are sorry and how much he
  meant to you. Be sure to use specific
   details from the novel to write your

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