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					MBA Batch 1 Management Accounting Students’ Groups for Assignments and Presentations Students Names Asif Iqbal Zia-ur-Rehman Abbas Khan Adnan Arshad Mujahid Gulzar Akbar Khan Adnan Ali Akhtarullah Khan Bilal Ahmad Farooq Gul Haroon Khan Qaisar Khan Kamran Khan Zaffar Khan Khaista Khan M. Abbas Khan Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Rifaq Muhammad Aqil Muhammad Sohail Khan Muhammad Faheem Shafqatullah Jan Raheela Javaid Shabnam Younas Note 1 Note 2 Assignment Name for Budget Educational Institute Class 6th to FA/FSC Educational Institute Primary Level Local Based NGO – Health Sector Car Wash Service Station Agriculture Fields Social Journal Power Generator Trade and Service F.M. Radio Station Presentation Turn / Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Technical College Mobile Phone Franchise Veterinary Pharmaceutical Unit Beauty Parlor

9 10 11 12

Students who did not feel comfortable in certain group were readjusted and now no changes will be acceptable. Written Assignment must be submitted latest by November 30, 2009 with information officer. If a group misses their turn will not be given additional chance. All the members of a group will have to prove their input in the assignment and presentation. Members of the same group may or may not get equal marks. Instructions for assignment and presentation were given on 09/10/2009 during the class. Dates for presentations will be notified later on.

Note 3 Note 4

Note 5 Note 6 Note 6

Instructions for Presentation (Marks 10) Timing Maximum Time 30 Minutes, Minimum Time 20 Minutes Time includes presentation and question answer session. Time counter will start at 05:45 pm and Stop at 06:15 pm Dress Code Formal Business Dress i.e. Pant Shirt Tie (Optional for Female) Logistics All required logistics should be arranged in advance by the students. No extra time will be given. Physical Appearance Hair style, shave, shoes and clothes should be clean and suitable for a business style presentation. Address The presentation should be addressed to students like they were executive level managers. Members All members should actively and equally participate in the Participation presentation. Audience All the students should seriously listen and try to learn lessons from the presenters. Sensitive Issues No sensitive issues in terms of religion, culture, race, politics, language or region etc. should be discussed. Style Reading from the script will not be allowed and the presentation will be stopped when the presenter attempts to read out the written notes. However some hints can be used. Communication Ideas should be presented in a logical flow and in such a way that they are understandable by the audience. Audio Visual Any audio visual can be used for presentation. Including, Multi Media, Charts, White Board, Banners, Flex Charts etc. Contingency Circumstances may be different than what is anticipated so there must be ready alternate arrangement. E.g. Electricity break down or weather conditions may need the contingent arrangements. Language English, both for presenters and audience (in case of questions) Questions Only relevant and serious questions will be considered. Cross questioning and reasoning will not be allowed. Confidence Presenters must have to prove their level of confidence expected at this stage of their MBA. E.g. eye contact, fluency, body stability and addressing to all the audience. Answering All the presenters must be ready to answer any relevant question. Contents The contents of presentation must be extracted from the written assignment and facts and figures should not contradict. Termination Presentation should be formally ended after getting approval from the instructor. Further Instructions Detailed instructions will be given in the class. Help Contact the instructor if you need help in any issue regarding your presentation. Changes in rules The instructor may change any rule or make any adjustments and will inform the students in this connection.

Instructions for Written Assignment (Marks 10) Front page Students have full liberty to use any style, picture, color etc. Next to Front Page Blank Title Page After Blank Page, providing Name of Course, Name of Subject, Name of Assignment, Session and Name of the Institute. Submission Page After Title page. Submitted to and Submitted by give full names with correct spellings and space for signature(s) also give date of submission. Dedication Page After Submission Page (Optional) Table of Contents After dedication page. Next to Contents Blank page Main body Any number of pages sufficient to present the assignment. Each idea should start from a new page. Pages must be numbered. Paper A4 size, white color, 80 gram Writing Writing on front side only, nothing should be written on the back. Font Times new roman, Main heading 16 size, Sub heading 14 size and text 12 size. No underlines and no bolds. Font color should be black however graphs, pictures and diagrams may be of different colors. All text must be fully justified. Margins Left side 1.5 inches, all other three sides 1 inch. Header / Footer Optional, but if used should be given on each page of the main body. Abbreviations Should be avoided but if used, a list of abbreviations with full text should be given after contents page. Contents At least 80% of the assignment should be about the main subject of the assignment. References References if any should be given at the end of main body. If within the main text there is a mention of any designation, law, schedule, rules, sections, act etc. it should be fully explained with reference to the source and country etc. Language Main language is only English, however limited use of any other language is permitted if it is to quote specific words of the source, but a translation into English should also be provided in the same place. Members After references page(s) a statement must be given providing Contribution detail of contributions and efforts of each member. Members Contact Full contact details of each member should be given after members contribution page(s) Thanks You can thank the people or group of people who helped you in preparing this assignment. It should be presented after members contact information page and before the ending blank page. Ending Blank Page After thanks page and before the back cover one page must be blank. Binding The assignment should be submitted in rail binding cover with transparent cover sheets. Imitation A single proof of imitation will nullify the whole assignment.


No confidential or unauthorized data should be included; nothing should be included in the assignment that may harm the personal physical or intellectual property of any person or group of persons. No defamation, libel, slander material should be included. Intended Usage of Your assignment will be used for evaluation of your performance Assignment as described in your course outline. The institute may also use this assignment for other education purposes and may provide it to the other students. Property Your assignment once submitted will become the property of the Institute and cannot be returned to the students in any case. Help Contact the instructor if you need help in any issue regarding your assignment. Students’ Contact After submitting your assignment the instructor may contact the students if there is any need for explanation etc. A meeting of the group can also be called up. Marks Once completely evaluated there will be no chance of changes in the marks.

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