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									                          Southwark Children’s

  Questions about your child’s speech or
          language development?

 Is your child on the waiting list for Speech
   and Language Therapy? Would you like
                 some advice?

  Worried that your child is not talking or
                    doesn’t understand you?

                                      Please turn over for drop-in dates:

 Information correct as of 04.01.11
            A Speech and Language Therapist will be available
           at the following drop-in sessions to give free advice:

      Newington Library                              The Blue Anchor Library
   Walworth Road, SE17 1RS                   Market Place, Southwark Park Road, SE16
          Bookstart                                         Bookstart
       1.00pm – 2.30pm                                  10.15am – 11.30am
  Wednesday 12th January 2011                       Monday 17th January 2011
  Wednesday 9th February 2011                      Monday 28th February 2011
   Wednesday 9th March 2011                          Monday 21st March 2011

      John Harvard Library                         Pilgrims Way Primary School
   Borough High Street, SE1 1JA                Tustin Estate, Manor Grove, SE15 1EF
            Bookstart                                Parent & Toddler Group,
        10.00am-1.00pm                                  10.00am – 11.15am
   Thursday 17th February 2011                       Friday 14th January 2011
         1.00pm-2.30pm                               Friday 11th February 2011
   Thursday 20th January 2011                         Friday 11th March 2011
    Thursday 24th March 2011

                                                        Peckham Library
Bessemer Grange Children’s Centre                122 Peckham Hill Street, SE15 5JR
       Dylways, SE5 8HP                               Baby & Toddler Group,
     Childminders’ Drop in                             11.30am – 12.30pm
       10.00am – 11.00am                            Tuesday 11th January 2011
   Thursday 13th January 2011                       Tuesday 8th February 2011
         Little Treasures                            Tuesday 8th March 2011
       10.00am – 11.00am
     Monday 7th March 2011                          Ivydale Children’s Centre
                                                     Ivydale Road, SE15 3BU
    Crawford Children’s Centre                       Parent & Toddler Group,
     Crawford Road, SE5 9NF                             9.30am-10.30am
          Stay and Play                            Monday 10th January 2011
        10.00am -11.00am                           Monday 14th February 2011
    Tuesday 1st February 2011                       Monday 14th March 2011
      Tuesday 5th April 2011
                                                       Rye Oak School &
                                                        Children’s Centre
                                                     Whorlton Road, SE15 3PD
                                              Joint CAMHS and Speech & Language
                                                        Therapy drop in,
                                                    Tuesday 25th January 2011
                                                   Tuesday 22nd February 2011
                                                    Tuesday 22nd March 2011

                         If you have any questions please call:
                                 020 3049 8097 or visit:
     Information correct as of 04.01.11

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