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					Turning Inward

Turning Inward, developed by Caron Hunter, is a healing approach to achieving wellness
that empowers you to transform your relationship with stress and pain to restore balance.
The effects of stress and pain can lead to a lack of balance within your mind-body.
Compassionate listening allows awareness, which opens the door to shift perception and
bring about true change.

Since 1998, Caron has served as Associate Director of the Division Integrative Pain
Medicine, where she combines all aspects of Turning Inward into private sessions, group
sessions, gentle yoga/movement, hands-on healing, and meditation classes. Participants
in the Turning Inward Workshops learn a practical approach to decreasing stress and
pain, become skilled at listening to their bodies, and come to understand the bridges
between the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

As each person travels on a unique pathway to health, sessions are tailored to suit
individual needs with a combination of modalities. For more information about Turning
Inward, visit                          .

Turning Inward Workshops
   • 6-Week Group Program
   • Weekend Workshops

Individual Sessions
    • Integrative Body Work
    • Craniosacral Therapy
    • Amma Massage
    • Energy Therapy
    • EFT
    • Spiritual Counseling

On-going Weekly Classes
   • Gentle Yoga
   • Tools for Change
   • Meditation

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
   • Yoga
   • Individual Therapeutic Yoga Session
   • 8-Week Group Yoga for Improved Well-Being

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