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E4.02F1         Safe Working Practice Renaissance
Task/           The Use of the Vacuum Lifter                                  SWP No
Plant, Tools and Equipment
1 - Vacuum Sucker, tested and certificated within last 6 months
2 - Lifting straps, inspected
3 - Hoist, tested and certificated within last 6 months
4 - Lifting Beam, tested and certificated within last 6 months
5 - Hard Hat
6 - High Visibility Jacket / Vest
7 - Safety Boots
Manpower                                              Pre-Requisite Training or Certification
1                                                     1- Trained and Competent Operators
2                                                     2
3                                                     3
4                                                     4
5                                                     5
6                                                     6
Supervision Required (name)

Additional Information
Risk Assessment, Ref No
Manual Handling, Ref No
 Ensure that all equipment (Vacuum Sucker, lifting beam, lifting straps and Hoist) are within
    safe working load limit and that they are all compatible.
    Beam - SWL > Hoist weight+ Sucker weight + Straps / Chains weight + Load weight
    Hoist - SWL > Sucker weight + Straps / Chains weight + Load weight
 Ensure all operators are trained
 Complete the pre-use checklist before the sucker is used.
 Create an exclusion zone to ensure that no persons can access any point directly below the
    lift. Plan the lift so the load will not travel over other personnel.

                                                                                            Issue: 1
                                                                            Issue Date: October 2002
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 Ensure that no other personnel are working above the lifting area.
 Ensure that the load has a sufficient gap in which to manoeuvre (minimum gap = sucker
  300mm + Load width + 200mm clearance, 100mm either side)
 Ensure that on obstructions are in the travel path of the load, cable and / crane arm i.e.
  scaffolding, over head cables, other structures.
 Load the Vacuum sucker on to the lifting equipment (See Manual Handling Assessment).
 Carry the load over to the Vacuum sucker. (See Manual Handling Assessment for the load).

E4.02F1 Safe Working Practice
Task/          The use of the Vacuum sucker
 Inspect the load to ensure that it if not damaged or faulty.
 Ensure that the wind levels are low enough to carry out the lift, Beaufort Scale 3 = Wind
  speed 29Kmh.
   As a rough guide - the wind will move leaves and small twigs and flags will blow out.
   However if there are any concerns about the wind speed DO NOT LIFT.
 Ensure that the load is dry before attaching the Vacuum Lifter.
 Ensure that the pads are clean before attaching.
 Position the Vacuum Sucker within 40mm of the centre of gravity for the load,
   Manufacturers recommend the outer pad is no further than 500mm from the edge of the
 Activate the Vacuum, ensure that the vacuum is achieved and the pump has turned off
   before attempting a lift
 Raise the load 50mm off the ground and wait for 30 seconds ensure that vacuum is stable
  before lifting continues.
 If the vacuum sucker is to be lifted using a tower or mobile crane, the lifting operation must
   be under the control of a qualified banksman / slinger (clearly identifiable in an orange high
   visibility jacket)
 18 – Observe the load at all times, guiding it through any areas where there is a risk of the
  load colliding with any structure.
 Ensure the load is fully supported before the vacuum is released.

                                                                                           Issue: 1
                                                                       Issue Date: October 2002
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