Microsoft Office Word 2007 Initial Test by Fzd4JI


									Full Name:___________________________________________.

1.- Define the following buttons:

___   Save.                  A                           B
___   Open.                  Q                           Q
___   Copy.
___   Cut.
___   Print.
___   Paste.

2.- Define the following buttons:

___   Save.
___   Open.
___   Copy.
___   Cut.
___   Print.                                A      B         C   D   E
___   New.                                  Q      Q         Q   Q

3.- Define the following buttons:

4.- Define the following buttons:
5.- Define the following buttons:

6.- Open internet explorer and type the following address:
       Copy this text and paste in Microsoft Office Word 2007.
       Apply the following format:

        o   Font: Arial Black.
        o   Font size: 14.
        o   Font Color: Blue.
        o   Type your name beneath the second paragraph.
        o   Insert the date and time before your name.

7.- Save this document with the name “Word-1” in the desktop new folder named “WordP-1”.

8.- Print a copy of this document in black and white color.

9.- Create a security copy for this file and rename it “backupW-1”.

10.- Compact this file and send to my document.

11.- Go to my computer, put it in icon mode, take a picture and paste it in paint, cut the “C”
drive icon and paste at the end of the file “Word-1”.

12- Update this file, close it, put your name as author and “hiatec” as company, and
send as attachment by email To: and Cc: with the subject: WORD-1 with low importance.

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