Microsoft Office Word 2007 Practice Test 2 by Fzd4JI


									1.- Go to and download (Concordancia Armónica), save it in
my document and open it.

      Copy the article title “Concordancia Armónica” and paste after “Participantes
       subtitle” without formatting.
      Change the paging number format to (1,2,3..) and start the counter with page # 5.

2.- Insert the tree clipart image with middle and center align.

3.- Apply the shape style (Compound Outline-Accent 2) to the graphic visible in page
number 2. Shape fill red and Shape Outline Long Dash - Weight (6 pto.).

4.- Go to last page and insert a picture from file with (in top left) position, 25 grade left
rotation and 75 % relative height.

5.- Go to page number 3. Insert a simple text box at the end of the second paragraph. Cut
the third paragraph and paste inside the text box.

6.- Got to bookmark (Juan) and type “Nuevo”.

7.- Replace “involucrados” with “vinculados” bold and red color.

8.- Apply to the paragraph below “Interacción” subtitle.

                     Word Only – Blue Color

9.- Apply to the paragraph below “Significación” subtitle.

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